Adelina Ortmann's Letter to Pearl Ginther

Marion, S.D.

September 10, 1990

Dear Friend Pearl:

"Good Morning," to you and all of Family.

First of all heartfelt wishes for a very happy, meaningful birthday. Hope you will tell me about it.

Reread your letter that you wrote to me, about the passing of Cora's husband--and the others in the accident. I have often thought about that. Is Cora still on the Mission Field? Has she been able to come back for a time with Relatives? Greet her from me, I've never forgotten her. May God continue to guide her and the family.

How's your Summer been?

My garden was the very poorest ever, because of drought in my area; some other places had more rain. But we were spared hail and tornadoes; so much to be thankful for. Black ants got into my sweet corn again. Some seeds never even came up.

We are having a time of great concern, about my youngest brother's health. He has had 2 heart attacks, which damaged the heart seriously. The first May 1st and second in 6 month of August. he and his wife have been in Christian service, "Home Missions" in Northern Minn. and Canada for over 50 yrs. From what their Dr. tells them there are months ahead of healing of the heart. Many, many prayers have been prayed there and here for his recovery, if God wills.

This week Friday his oldest son and wife plan to come to S.Dak. to get me, so I can visit with them. We'll see if it all works out. They offered this to me. So loving of them.

So I'm making plans for to leave, and leave things in order here at home, as I do not know when I'll come back.

"Hello" to your family.

With lots of love, Adelina. I'm so sorry about poor pencil writing.

Note: This dear, lifelong friend of Mother's wrote her faithfully year after year, and I would like to find out what was her last letter--just to see how long the correspondence went on. Talk about faithful friendship--Adelina was such a friend to Mother right on to the time when she probably could not write another line with her own hand. I plan to put more ofher letters on-line from the collection of many letters from her. She always seemed to have a struggle to get her garden to grow well there in Marion, due to the attacks of different kinds of insects and bugs and also to the scanty or sporadic rainfall patterns in that area--since she did not water it with town water, no water available in the plot she kept, she had to rely on whatever God sent, just like the local farmers. But she never quit and kept at gardening all her years, and had her successes too, and made do with whatever the garden produced each year.

I recall from our family guestbook that she was a visitor to my mom and dad in their Sioux Falls years, and she may have attended the Academy too. I will check on that. --Ed.

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