Alfred Stadem's Reminiscences

of the 50th Wedding Anniversary

The weathered, old edifice is no more, abandoned to the elements and replaced by a modern facility, but it shines forever in precious memories as the home church of the Stadem Family, and where Pearl their eldest was married, and many other event of family record took place.

Alfred Stadem, in a letter:

"To all of you our unforgettable friends,-------Putting it very mildly, the least we can say: We are overwhelmed. Words are inefficient, it seems and we do not know how to put it together what is on our hearts that we want to say to you. Again we have had to humbly bow before Him who can supply all our needs and plead for His guidance.

Truly this experience in our little lives is, in a measure, a foretaste of what the prophet Isaiah experienced when he saw the vision of the Lord's Glory, (that is recorded for us in Isa. 6th Chapter) and when he exclaimed: "Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips." (6:5-a)

Oh that we now could be shaken out of our state of apathy (privation of passion), and not only say what he said, in verse 8. "Here I am; send me," but also do as he did, by God's help.

Yes indeed, and by all means, we wanted you to rejoice with us for what God has done for us; Yet it humbles us as we know our unworthiness of it. Your kind thoughts, expressed through a brief greeting, even though you could not be present on that occasion; yes not the least you who gave vent to your participation of joy, days, and several days after the doings was over, when you could not be present because you did not know about it.

Then you who honored us with your presence--that too is immeasurable beyond our ability to express; the pleasant smile, well wishes and hand-shakes electrify our very being. Then the many who sacrificed time, energy in the many different ways and the means required in coming and long distances too; and in ways yet unknown to us.

Then too, the many exhibiting their good will, also in tangible ways--the beautiful presents, the very useful ones including books and the blankets. As to the total contents of the medium of exchange, it adds up to the sum of $160.00 that will be invested in a Wollensak 35mm projector with all the necessary equipment to show pictures of you friends who have already favored us with them, and all that we hope to get from the rest.

Then too to get slides and take picture slides of the Mexican Migrant Mission work carried on in So. Dak. and the mission field in Old Mexico, of which the Lutheran Fellowship League is supporting and vitally interested in--that all of you can be better enlightened and encouraged to pray for, that precious souls Jesus died for, also they may come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved for time and eternity.

With regards to the money gifts, especially a proverb comes to mind, and can readily be applied here, as it goes: "give, and give until it hurts, then give some more." This we will sanction when it comes to promoting God's kingdom cause on earth. But in this case we do not think you should have done it. All of this we have mentioned and what herewith follows are so utterly underserved on our part. But we do pray God will bless you for it.

..."Much more we would like to say about our dear ones. To us, of course there is none better, but if nothing better could be said for them then so far expressed, it would be an eventual failure, to say the least.

We hasten to explain--everybody has potentialities for good or evil, as we possess the power of free choice.

This writer is aware that we cannot judge others by ourselves, but all humans have some in common, such as a split personality, and as we apply the finer comb, results vary.

This writer finds four distinctive degrees in himself as follows:

I am the one you know (not so bad, perhaps),

I am the one my wife knows (and some worse),

I'm the one I KNOW (still worse),

I'm the one GOD KNOWS (hopeless).

What thrills us is that our dear ones have submitted to this scrutiny and accepted the only way out--God's way.

Jesus said, "I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

Sincerely we pray,



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