Andreas Holbek Letter

to Estelle Rangen

October 1983

This letter from a Second Cousin to the Holbek-Stadem cousins of the Alfred and Bergit Stadem line (Bergit is a Holbek from Norway), is a treasure indeed. Forwarded by the Norwegian-American writer and authority on Seamen's Ministries, Roald Kverndal, the letter is addressed to Pearl Ginther by Rev. Kverndal, but the Norwegian to English translated letter inside from Andreas Holbek of Mandal, Norway, is addressed to Estelle Rangen, a sister to Pearl Ginther who had previously written him. Andreas Holbek apparently did not know Estelle's address, so Rev. Roald Kverndal sent the letter to Estelle's eldest sister Pearl by way of the Tacoma Seafarer's Center, with which he was well acquainted, as Pearl Ginther was very active there and he knew her quite well and something about her large Stadem-Holbek family too, no doubt.--Ed.

Holum, 17

Oktober 1983.

Kjaare Estelle Rangen.

It was really wonderful to hear from you. We too are second cousins. I'm a son to Syvert Holbek, born 12/24/1883. His father was Andreas Holbek Vatnedal.

My father [Syvert Holbek] talked often of those three [Katrine, Bergit, and Andreas Holbek who emigrated to America in early 1900s] from Vatnedal that left for America. We heard today that Bergit had died [she passed to glory 1983]. It was sad, but she had many years. It would have been a joy if we could of met sometime. There is a lot of family living here in Holum and Mandal.

I work in Mandal in a Christian bookstore,or else I'm out holding meetings at night. I feel like I have continued where my great-grandfather Andreas left off.

So I wish you God's blessing over you and the rest of the family.

Many greetings from Andreas Holbek, 4530 Holum, NORWAY.

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