Art Stadem's Letter to Ginthers, Dec. 14, 1944

Letter has Logo:

ďService Commission, National Lutheran Council,

(Cross on Shield-like Stars & Stripes)

King George Hotel

San Francisco, Calif.

December 14, 1944

Dear Ginthers,

Oh, yes you can well guess what Iím doing here! Iím on the way home for 30 days and then to report to school (Sound Material) at San Diego.

Iím really disappointed that the ship didnít dock at Seattle instead for then it might have been simple to visit you folks a few days too. Honestly itís such a rush and crowded that one has to grab onto one thing and forget about other plans it seems. Am still hoping to visit Svanoes and the gang there but maybe will have to give that up too. The route will be fairly close there tho.

Yup, a wk ago last Saturday my transfer orders came in and Sunday Hans, Dick Williams from Waterloo, and I all met at the Lutheran church for Services, at dinner together and took some hurried pictures; Hans sends his greetings to you. (I let him read your swell greetings and letter some time before too. Thanks a lot.) Monday I reported to an outgoing unit for transfer and until now have been on the move. Now Iím staying here at a Luth. service center, very nice, just everything room and all for a nominal fee and tomorrow late I board the train for Home Sweet Home.

Iím so excited I canít write or even think correctly. Did a little window shopping & spent the rest of the morning trying to find my way back to this Hotel. Didnít have such a time two yrs ago when I was hereóHA.

I hope you are all fine and happy. I can guess you are plenty busy with Christmas so near.

Well, I must try to find a tailor to do a little altering on my blues for the leave came too sudden to get it done before. Hope I donít get lost again. HA.

A most Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year is my prayer for you.

Uncle, Art.

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