Aunt Tena's Birthday Card

to Her Niece Pearl A. Ginther

Pearl Stadem Ginther was born in Aunt Tena's bedroom in her home in Canton, SD, September 13, 1909. Pearl remembers to this day, Nov. 17, 2009, her Aunt very well and with great love. Aunt Tena Holbek Lundring passed to glory in heaven in 1969 when Pearl Ginther was 60 years old. Pearl is now a centenarian, 100 years old, and so this card was sent before 1969, yet even today the writer's personality and voice seem to be speaking most eloquently and lovingly to her niece--yet another unmistakable proof that what God has created, saved and sustained in His Son Jesus Christ will never cease to live. Indeed, when a son found this card in November 2009 among a collection of old cards and read it to Pearl Ginther, she shed tears when she heard Aunt Tena say, "You are that little lamb in the arms of Jesus."

My dear Pearl!

I congratulate you with your birthday and wish you a good and happy day. Also I want you to have a peasefull life with Jesus in your heart, we have pease even if it storms arround us. Yes even when we cry we are happy in the bottom of our heart. I feel fairly good but with my 85 years I am tired but many here are so very bewildered at that age, so I have much to be thankfull for. You are that little lamb in the arms of Jesus. It is a good place to be. God bless you and make you a blessing. Please write me now you have it there at the home. Aunt Tena.

Inscription inside the card with an illustration of Jesus on a page of the open Bible, along with a verse: On Your Birthday.

"I am the Good Shepherd and know my sheep." John 10:14.

May the Good Shepherd be ever near you,

Not just for today,

But for all the glad tomorrows

That will surely come your way.

Signed: Love from Aunt Tena

In addition, a poem by Aunt Tena on a recipe note card, written in her own hand:


Hello 1950, you look so young and fine!

But your days are numbered and so are mine.

In 365 days what do you offer me?

I'd like a more abundant life

in Christ this year to be.

--Aunt Tena

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