Axel Lundring's Letter to Pearl Ginther

An Appeal to the Holbeck-Stadem Relationship and Family Friends

to Contribute to the Taylors in Brazil for a Phone Service


3780 New Haven Road

Pasadena, California 91107

Phone: 213-351-8337

May 1979

Dear Pearl,

Do you believe in Christmas in May? I would like to give you an opportunity to try.

My first cousin, Cora Stadem Taylor and her husband Carl Taylor have been missionaries to the Indian tribes in Brazil for 30 years. They have raised a nice family there. Now the children have been educated in America and have returned with their sweethearts and are in the work and raising their own families who will hopefully continue when they grow too old [but they don't grow too old, Cousin, as Cora is only 16 months from turning 100, and she is still serving as a missionary in Brazil!--Ed.]. Does that tell you something about the parents?

They are working in 33 tribal areas. They have 100 in training now at their Bible School (latest count as of August 2013 is 77--Ed.] to go out and work with their own people. Over the years they have told of the progress of their work and never asked for a thing for themselves or the Bible School.

Now let me quote from a letter I just received: "This is a hard letter for me to write as it includes the subject of money. I'd die before I ask for myself,-but this has been a need for hundreds of people for 30 years. It is a telephone for our Peniel Bible School 3 1/2 miles out of this little cobblestone town of Jacutinga. -----Now here is the shocking price= $2,650 just for the telephone and the wire."

Now can you imagine yourself in the jungle of Brazil at a lonely outpost working for Christ among the Indians? No chance of having a call from a loved one in the states or even other outposts in Brazil where the children work. No chance to make a telephone call in case of serious illness. I doubt that any of us can see ourselves in this situation. But let's try.

This is early in the year and hopefully you have not given your tithes to your favorite charities as yet. How about helping put up a telephone line 3 1/2 miles out to my first cousin from So. Dak.? Shall we let them know WE CARE also. If you wish to help, make the check to New Tribes Mission, marked "Peniel Telephone fund.". New Tribes Mission, Sanford, Florida is a legal tax deduction.

Please send the check to me if you wish to give, so we will know how many miles of wire we can put up.

We are sending this letter to all of our friends and relatives. How about Christmas in May this year? Ask God to tell you if you should give and how much.

To our ever faithful friends in Christ,


Axel Lundring. [Added in red ink: I will match each gift--Ed.]

Note: This need of funds was successfully met. I will seek to round this report out with the facts when I find them in the Archives. It was Axel Lundring, my exceptionally generous-hearted second cousin of the Holbeck line, who pushed this worthy project over the top, after 30 years had passed without any telephone service in the Jacutinga area! Imagine the hardship this caused the residents and the missionaries too! What a tremendous blessing the telephone line must have proved from Day 1 of operation. Axel would have been old enough to remember what telephone service meant to formerly isolated rural farming communities, for he grew up in Bryant, SD, when such a grand event took place in the early 1900s.

In 1979 Jacutinga, Brazil, still had no telephone service, that is how far behind they were there in the essentials of communication we take so for granted here in America. Even today in 2013 there is a lag in the communications field, as they find a state-of-the-art system for internet, etc., too expensive though it is technically feasible there--if I understand Calvin Taylor aright.

We should not be so naive, Stadem Descendents, for Brazil has been more than richly blessed with all resources, yet its government has proven the primary reason for the lag behind; but Brazil is not the only country in S.A. that is like that, and Mexico is another case nearer to us that testifies that it is not natural resources that a nation lacks, for Mexico is extravagantly blessed in resources, but it is a Bible-based culture that would encourage and foster morality in government and a free economic system to flourish. Here in the USA we had such a Bible-based morality in public life--but now we are rapidly abandoning it for glitzy and politically correct secular values that will land us right where other nations have struggled in the mire since they were founded.

Yet there is hope for other countries who are wanting to free themselves of the shackles of the past. There are now Christian countries besides our own that are surrounded by "basket cases," to put it mildly, serving to show what Christ and His Gospel can do, versus Secularism, Humanism, Socialism, and Communism, and Totalitarian Islam. We may be watching other countries rise to freedom and prosperity as we sink further, and further downwards, unless a third Great Awakening of Christian faith in this country intervenes before we have slipped beyond the point of no return.

There is this concluding thought too. Frankly, I think we are no longer capable in this generation of responding to a similar appeal, we are just too divided in spirit and too distracted with our own lives and the demands of the culture to conform to its ways and world-view and thinking. Prove me wrong, dear Cousinry! We have this splendiferous project going on, called the "Barna Velkommen," which is our attempt to preserve and share our God-given Heritage and Values as a Christian Family. It needs a great, sacrificial response from us to complete it and get it running. Will you step up to the plate?--the offering plate, that is? A few have given of their funds and their talents sacrificially so far, but we need many more, more than 2% of us, that is! How about all you 98%, why watch from the sidelines until you are convinced your buck will not be misspent--give now while you can receive God's blessing for investing in our children's futures as Christian people who know where they came from and thus will know where they are going--Ed.]

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