"Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Smiles,"

by Ron Ginther

Beautiful faces, beautiful smiles,

the faces of loved ones--

greet me over the miles.

There's Grandma's and Grandpa's,

and my Mother's so dear--

I know she is proud of me,

I see joy in her tear.

I'm still walking their Pilgrim Road,

just a few steps each day.

But by the Word I keep to the straight, narrow way.

Sometimes I fall down and I weep,

that day all I can do is crawl or creep.

How many times that has been,

I cannot tell!


People just see me up and walking,

they don't see it's Christ alone in me.

But no matter, there's a few saints who

come along aside,

and make a prayerful plea.



Beautiful faces, beautiful smiles--

let others take the low road

and kill on Black Friday for the latest styles.

These rocks and thistles--

oh, they hurt, and they give pain,

but there's beauty, endless joy,

just ahead that I'll yet gain.


Beautiful faces, beautiful smiles--

with their shining examples before me,

I can resist Satan's wiles.

His lures in the world,

they don't charm me a bit.

As I loose my hands on passing things,

I don't love this lost world a whit!


Yet wait! Stop! What of those

whose hearts grown cold, and ears stone deaf?

I pray for them daily--

as they rush around like stoned on meth.

The world's their drug--

They can't seem to get enough.

Oh! They can't see their fate

that's just over the bluff.

They all race in a tight, rat-pack,

their end? Caught in a coal-black sack!


Beautiful faces, beautiful smiles,

I long to be with you all

where you stand on pure gold tiles.

It won't be so long--

my Jesus draws near.

He could come today,

calling me, and I'll hear!


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