Ben and Norman Stadem's Letter

to Pearl Ginther,

July 6, 1978

Note: Since Ben Stadem sent two letters, with much the same wording at the start, he must have thought up a number of other remarks after hurriedly mailing the first letter, so afterwards with more time to think, he added the second with amplification. That seems to be the explanation, unless he was experienced short-term memory loss--and we know that couldn't ever happen to a Stadem??--Ed.

July 6th

Dear Pearl and Families--

If I hurry maybe I'll get this in the mail. We just got your letter and picture. Thanks a million. We appreciate it very much but did not like that you give us the picture taken on Mother's Day for yourself. We must say you have a No. 1 camera. It takes superb pictures! That salmon "Bake Off" you had at Lorin's and Marylou's sounded like quite a banquet!

I'll mail you an obit of Leander Spilde when we get the paper. His funeral was Mon.

Thanks again for the letter and picture. And thanks again for the words at Mildred's funeral. The Lord really spoke thru you. May the Lord Bless you abundantly.

--Ben and Norman

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