Bergit Stadem's Christmas Letter, 1980

Mobridge, SD

My Dear Ones everywhere this Christmas,

It is nice weather here. That all of you have your health, that will be wonderful.

I suppose I can say something about how I am feeling. But you want English. I can read English but it is hard to write English. I feel pretty good when I get up to do something. Especially when we have church. And Leroy got to be on one place north and one place south. It seems like he's got to run all the time. He's always ready to do things...for the Lord. Elisabeth is busy on her way, helping the old people. She runs for the Care Center in the morning. She is always willing to help the sick or what you should call those who need help.

Leroy and I have made lotz of bread in these days. We don't live very far from each others. We can run and take it in 1/2 a minute. So we like to live that close, then we have chance to talk to each other about different things. We are glad that we are well.

I was over to the church a few times helping with the quilts. I like to go over there but I can't say I do so much. I like those people. They are nice.

I like to see the children walking to school. Tommy Stadem is the only one left in Mobridge. The rest are other places. I notice that there is no one who sleeps here at night now, but I'm not afraid.

I like to say something in a Christian way. If anything is good, this should be. I like this Bible Verse, don't you? "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Ya, it's a good verse.

At this Christmas season and throughout the New Year, may you be blessed with every happiness. (Can you tell them that you, Leroy, wrote this for me?)

Love to you all,

Bergit Stadem and Grandma

[Note: Illustration on letter of a shield with a Star of David on it, the banner "BORN A KING", and beneath the shield, banner and star: the Crown of Thorns--Ed.]

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