Bernice Schaerer's Letter to Pearl About Getting Old, Etc.

Note: We have maybe the last or the second page of the letter, and must hunt up the first page. But this page gives good information on it evenso. Her writing is shrinking, but not to the smallest extent possible yet, some is smaller than other portions, and I can make it out without much difficulty. Later on, she would go back to using a typewriter, banging away to make her letters legible again after her handwriting gave out in the last years she had to share her wonderful self with us. Enjoy!--Ed.

Dear Pearl,

It's rough getting old [smiley face drawn].

Made a double batch of cookies today and we have a cookie and coffee at 9 a.m, and after a nap. [another smiley face] No wonder I put on weight.

Hope Ronald has a great time while on his trip.

I still write to Ruthie real often as it must be lonesome for her alone [after Tom was taken to glory]. So glad she has the pastor & wife as friends. You put the thought in me after Bob [Pearl Ginther's husband Bob who died in the plane crash in 1947 with Art Stadem] left you. We all neglected you, and you mentioned it to me so always wrote to M. Waldow [Marie] a lot too. So now I hear from Marie.

I see it's John's birthday, and hope you see him and Jody and___? next year. Also Gloria, they are much fun.

Cora writing, Hudson's wife Resa has real [canal tooth?] problems, so sent them $100 out of the Memorial gift Cora sent [sent Cora?]. He's draining his furlough money.

Calvin returns to Brazil in July so sent him some $. Carleen left in June.

Wayne was so much fun and hope he can come again real soon.

Guess this is it for now. Love ya, Be. Rh.H. says HI.

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