Bernice Schaefer's Letter

to Stadem Relationship (Dear Ones)

P.O. Box 518

Atascadero, CA 93423


Dear Ones:

What a great write up of the 1990 Family Reunion written up by Estelle and received via the Bryant Newspaper. You gave complete coverage of everything that took place. Thanks, Estelle.

Do you realize there were 72 on the P.V.F. this year, a record.

Next year's re-union theme will be related to music, please send in your suggestions. It should make headlines in 1991!

A large 26ft. in. diameter parachute has been purchased for future use to put overhead in case of rain or sun to make it cosy.

A plaque has been looked into by LeRoy, Pearl, and me in Sioux Falls--this to be placed near the "Memorial Tree". In years to come it will be something we all can be proud of.

Any suggestions as to a different way of serving meals, or by whom?

A "Thank You" to those that repaired Grandpa Stadem's Grave Stone.

Ruth gets out of the hospital today after a "cold-complications" set back. A card to her would be in order.

Hudson received $220.00 for missionary work. There is $125 left in the kitty after the tree, parachute, and shipping costs for sleeping bag, quilts, air mattresses, pillows, from Calif. were deducted.

A special THANK YOU to those who have written notes of appreciation since I have returned home.

Your Coordinator ??


[Written notes beneath typed letter, not known whose writing it is, appears to be Lorin Ginther's, because it is all capitalized writing:] Charge so much per person per day. ELCW, or other church group catering.

Local catering or restaurant catering.

Hire camp cook to plan and prepare and provide.

Contract with interested family member.

Contract with gas-equipped concessionaire with mobile kitchen trailer similar to what you see at state fair.

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