Post-Reunion Letter to Pearl,

by Bernice Schaefer

Note: Aunt Be's writing is getting small and hard to read at times, showing signs of her growing difficulty with writing and handling a pen; later on, when her writing is impossible to read, it is so tiny, she switches to a typewriter.--Ed.

June 28, 1995

Dear Pearl,

The photos came today, and love the ones I picked out: Wayne & me, Wayne at Bruce, Pearl at Bruce, Liz & I at SF, Liz & I at airport.

I have the 7 [sisters] of us standing, 2. All in the Tent, 3. Ruthie speaking, 4. We gals & Leroy sitting, 5. The Sioux River Falls--maybe you could send to John & Jody and whoever else, they are very good.<> 1. Now I have Tom & Pete with guitar;

2. Ron R. and Chad speaking;

3. You speaking of Aunty Sarah [if only we could have a transcript of what she said! I could ask her daughter Helen who is going to be 90 years old this June 2014, but she may not recall the words from that talk of Mother's.--Ed.],

4. The hole by the barn [the old cistern?];

5. "All Our Hearts Are With You."--the write up. He loved it.

6. The [picture of the banner] theme "Where History & Christ-Centered Memories Meet"

7. [the picture of the banner] "Accepted in the Beloved," with Names of Deceased.

If you want any of these let me know before I send for more. Maybe you can have the signs on the wall.

I had Russ make copies of the reunion and sent out to many. This is [flat weight?] ? ? rate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Just received your package and I put up the sign immediately, just before our class got here. They all thought--as Ellen--you're fantastic and the figures (how well Ax & Ellen's face inn wedding card fit) was very novel and clever of course you were always so clever making things as we'll treasure both of them, eh?

[Axel Lundring?] He also tells of how happy they are, and he has gone to grandkid's graduation. Darrell was there for 1 week and a perfect gentleman. [The Lundrings] Had a real good time with him. And we had guests this last weekend, a friend from Indiana came to L.A. and a conference, and she came with a dear Pastor friend of ours. His daughter is in the movie called, "Wings," and she only takes part in good movies. He too [works in movies] when they need a pastor, and how he can sing and play the organ, so we gave him the evening we had him. He speaks this year at the same conference in Chicago this year with Russ [what conferences would this be?--Ed.].

I really was tired after the trip, and slept and slept. I'm still shaky when I write, and getting a little "gooder." My legs are so weak at times and back bothers me but doing some special exercises. [seem to have mislaid the final page or ending!--Ed.]

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