"Call to Stadem Fence Straddlers,"

Verses About Versus,

by Ron Ginther

Plain View Farm's new dance floor

should first be a "prayer floor"--

with all us down on on our faces!

Our nation's farspent and freedom nearly gone,

with new Brown Shirts being put through paces!

Seldom nations rise so high, then sink so vile and low,

But America's now one with Nineveh and Rome, that we well know!

Billboards shout "No Afterlife," so enjoy your alternative-lifestyle pig sty!

Or, "Life is short! Have an Affair!"--why? No need to wonder why!

Islam's proclaimed freely in public schools,

it's "Diversity" and "Multicultural" and "Tolerance," they say,

while Bibles are forbidden there,

and no Christian is ever allowed to have his say!

Isn't it high time to turn back to the old ways?

The ancient roads, the paths of the righteous--invite our gaze.

Look! There's Grandpa, Grandma! And my parents! They're waving too!

So, farewell, chum! You go with the many, if you like,

I'm going with the Faithful Few.

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