Carleen Newton's Letter to Pearl Ginther,

June 2, 1990:


A job is at your choice;

A ministry is at Christ's call.

In a job you expect to receive;

In a ministry you expect to give.

In a job you give something to get something;

In a ministry you return something that has already been given to you.

A job depends on your abilities;

A ministry depends on your availability to God.

A job done well brings you praise;

A ministry done well brings honor to Christ.

--James N. Spurgeon

Dear Aunty Pearl,

Now that was quite a ministry. A MINISTRY OF LOVE, that you showered on all of your immense family. And did we ever enjoy that REUNION! THANK YOU, Aunty Pearl.

The Newton bunch pulled out at 11:30 from Plain View Farm and from a huge bunch of dear relatives. We hugged and kissed everyone and cried, too. When will we see all of you again? Well, we had 7 hours the first day and 20 hours the next day to travel and REMEMBER so much from that short time with our loved ones.

You are surely the greatest family any girl and her family could wish for. It was even fun in spite of no water, a smelly outhouse, and "missionary quarters"! We thank you for moving over for us, for feeding us with the most delicious meals, for all the tremendous fellowship and warmth we enjoyed. Quite a send-off you gave us for another term on the field.

Hope you know how much that Memorial service for Daddy [Carl Taylor passed to Glory 1989] meant to us. It was great! You can surely tell that Christ has won the victory over death--it was evident in that service and in each person's testimony of his life.

Wedding bells are ringing all over the Newton's house these days. Filling out invitations, picking out everything from pink plastic plates to pretty petty coats, phone ringing off the hook, plenty of laughter and serious planning, etc...are part of our days. Kenna and Sasan are getting married on JULY 7th at 1:00 p.m. How exciting!

So, thank you for your MINISTRY OF LOVE and we count on that continued ministry through prayer as we head back to the battle front (Columbia) on July 21.

YOU are precious,

Carleen & Ken, Kevin & Kristina

[Handwritten on the typed letter:

"Dear Aunt Pearl, Thank you again for all your wonderful meals, taking care of people, and sweet disposition. The Reunion just wouldn't have been such a blessing without you! Thank you for the backrub--I'm almost all better now. Lots of love, Karen"

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