Carleen Newton to Ron Ginther,

Emails Concerning Old Letter to Her by Ron,

Written at Age 8

On Sat, 8/23/14, Carleen Newton wrote:

Subject: RE: My letter in pencil to Carleen. April 28, 1950

To: "'Ronald Ginther'"

Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014, 4:43 PM

What a lovely and thoughtful letter, Ron. Wonder why I never got it... actually, letter writing was a big thing to me at that age! I worked through my feelings of being far away from those I knew and cared about by writing to them... even to my cousins whom I hardly knew. I am not sure if even one of those letters was sent to anyone.

Letter writing has been a wonderful outlet for me... living in Bolivia those first 6 mo. after moving to South America (far from my parents) and then moving to a new language and school system in Brazil...

That is when I learned to read the Word of God and since I was saved at age 3 1/2 I loved the Lord Jesus and found the Word to be my comfort and my focus very often.

How special it was to hear that you thought of me, Ron. We are the same age... 72! Your love for flowers and plants was already early on. Animals, too. Bye for now and the Lord bless you, my dear Cousin.

-- Carleen

-----Original Message----- From: Ronald Ginther []

Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2014 12:53 AM

To: Carleen Newton

Subject: My letter in pencil to Carleen. April 28, 1950


April 28

Dear cousin Carleen

How are you. I am collecting stamps. Could you send some stamps. I have 44 stamps in my stamp collection. Did you see a elephant. What color are the snakes and how big are they. I did see the pignies on the neighbors television. I see television on Saturday.

How old are you. I am 8 years old. Are you coming back. I went to the daffodil parade. It was very pretty. It was very cold. The parade last year was very pretty to. I like it.

I went to the library. I got three books called the Chinese grandmother. It got 261 pages in it. The next book is king Arthur and his round table, Beatrice Clay. I dont no where it is. I got to get the book before I have to pay her 2 cents for each book.

Mother got a ? plant that some one gave her. How old are you all. Wayne my bother is makeing a cake. He makes cookies. He makes cake all the time. I like the cake.

love Ronald

[goodbye inside a drawn heart]

Now from me in 2014 in email:

I recall I was proud and trying to impress you that we watched television--I knew you wouldn't have access to one as we did already in 1950. A nice well-to-do lady had one and let us kids from the neighborhood watch a few programs on it once a week. I was trying to read some big adult books. But it paid off. I was able to read Civil War histories by age nine. I think Sir Walter Scott wrote the King Arthur book, but couldn't understand that style and high level of writing. Wayne was a baker early on--whenever he wanted some sweets, he could bake them. Later, it was Joyce who did it, and he would just gobble down a whole pie or cake she just made for the family (or most of it), and run.

Naughty Wayne! We were supposed to share more, being so many, but maybe he thought he had baked enough for us, it was her time to bake him some goodies.

Mom was too busy to bake for us, being cook all day at the Old Folks Home.

I sold my stamp collection early on. I know now you don't have pygmies in S.A. But it was all the same to me, you were in the Jungle, and Jungles have pygmies, right? They are fascinating to look at, being tiny human beings.

How in the world did that happen? Maybe being isolated so long by themselves? God knows.

Now if our families and relatives could do as well as I did at age 8 writing this letter, we would be communicators again. We are in an electronic age, but it hasn't really aided our communication that much as it has turned out. Beth Ann agrees with me on this point!

Cheers and love,


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