Carolyn Lundring Roberts' Letter to All, Feb. 2010, Samtaleran


Carolyn Lundring Roberts, daughter of Lawrence Lundring, granddaughter of Tena, came upon Ron Ginther's words about her grandmother, and was inspired to write the following: "I am so pleased to read of Grandma Lundring and refresh my my memories. I recognized her way of writing, and smiled (with a few tears) in remembering."

"My children Karen and Mark, have been raised with a full understanding of their Norwegian heritage and are proud of the strength shown by two young women who left their homeland to find a new life in an unfamiliar land. My grandchildren love to hear stories about their great great grandmother Lundring. I remember sitting in my Grandpa Lundring's lap and looking at his big black moustache. He used to tease me by loudly slurping his coffee so I would tell him that it was impolite to make noise when eating--all from a three year old child.

"I married a man who was a Christian but fell into another pathway, and left us when my teenaged son was in a body cast. He had abused all of us in different ways and the children fell into unhealthy lifestyles. The Bible teaches that children will return to their roots, and I claimed that promise day and night for more than 15 years. My children are both serving the Lord today and their children are saved and baptized. Mark is on staff at his church and serves in an outreach ministry to the homeless and the youth. He is well qualified to understand their problems as he lived the homeless lifestyle for many years. I always told him that God would use his experience to ultimately glorify Him. He now has credibility with those who are suffering, and is quick to give God the glory in every instance.

The most significant thing is, the Lord has been with me through all the trials of life, and through the tears there has been abundant joy, and knowing I was never alone on the pathway. Passing that understanding to my children when they have had their own miseries, and giving them the certainty that God will use it purposefully, has made the difference. There are no easy lessons. My personal scripture, since youth, has been Romans 8:28, and my car license plate reflects that.

"I appreciate Ron Ginther's desire to make a difference with his testimony. We are promised that His word will never return void, and I knew it was written with a full heart, wanting everyone to enjoy the joy and fullness of leading a spirit-filled life. I, and my children, would like to be included in your email list, and hope to be included whenever you have encouraging words to send. We all enjoy finding and learning about a new branch on the family tree.

Love and Blessings from your Second Cousin, Carolyn Roberts

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