Cora and Carl Taylor's Letter to Pearl and Estelle, 1978

Carlos e Cora Taylor

Representantes da Missao Novas Tribos do

Brasil entre as Ingrejas Evangelicas

Caixa Postal, 29

CEP 37590


Minas Gerais

Feb. 13, 78

Telefone 333

Please send to Estell & Pearl. Thanks so much. Postage came up to 65 cents a letter now. We have 13 grandkids--whow! Thanks for the lovely pictures Be and Pearl.

Dearest Sisters Be Pearl & Estell:

Isa 41:10 "Fear thou not for I am with thee; be not dismayed for I am thy God." Tremendous! He's ours! for ever.

Yesterday the proof came with your second letter these days Gussy--my Christmas letter did not get to you there. I sent it to you Be to send on to Pearl & Estell. The letters you inclosed yesterday of Pearl's and Estelle's was such newsy ones. Great! You can't imagine the joy we get to hear like that. Seeing my Christmas letter was last I'll send one left over to our kids--O.K?

Can anyone give word about Myrt & Bill. We have no letters for two yrs. They do fill our order of "Shaklees" so we know they are alive! I have slowed down on the Hotel meetings and for over a month now of the women. We move every day--usually go to a home where it's hard for them to get out. We write the requests on cards--so far a mon. now we go over the same requests and keep adding. It's really something to see the answers. Husband of one left 4 1/2 yrs a a drunkard quit drinking. The Wed. nite prayer meetings around 15 attending--grew to 52. One woman's husband (of our group) never, never showed conviction, awakened her at 2 A.M. & said teach me the Lord's Prayer! She's poping with excitment! Thanks Be for Inf. about burning feet. Mine are almost normal. Estell what a beautiful Christmas letter. I cried when I heard you left that beautiful house, church, friends--then I remember I have moved 30 times in Brazil myself. Pearl your C. Card was so full of praise, thanks a million. Your Christmas tree too Be, so beautiful. We go on meetings this wk. end. It's thrilling. I think I have found my nitch. Love, Sis Cora

Note: This letter by Cora was handwritten in ink on the ultra thin, tissue-like stationery to save postage, though it couldn't save much if a letter already cost 65 cents to send from Brazil to U.S. way back in 1978! And we in America gripe about 45 cents a stamp in 2013! I am surprised though to see Aunt Cora did not write on the other side, it is entirely blank. I think she was way too busy this time to go on further, and she never seemed a one for idle words. Notice too how thankful and loving and encouraging she aims to be to each loved one. That is Aunt Cora always, her very spirit is encouragement and love for others. Another thing to note is she does not complain. And there is the prayer and the answers they get, that excite them and impell them to continue on with these endeavors. Imagine, going from 15 in a prayer group to 52--that is truly tremendous. Here at my church we struggle to get four or so to come regularly, and then we don't pray for anyone individually, it is for everyone else but ourselves, which I think is dampening to the spirits of people and so they don't come out. But I am not in charge and they are--the pastor, wife, and the pastor's mother, with a deacon and a "minister" and a missionary--who are the skeleton crew that keeps the church organized and going. All I can do is just pray, and hope that things will change, that will encourage people to come out and pray for each other's need and also for others beyond us of course.

But back on the subject of letters from the Field, I suspect that we here in America just don't begin to measure the impact our letters to missionaries abroad have on them, or we would write to them more often and also pray more often for them. It is a strange thing, that God counts a prayer and a letter to his servants abroad of far more importance than domestic mail; the basic fact is they face demonic strongholds all around them, that they must battle through each day to reach the lost souls that are trapped in them for generations; thus they need a lot of support to continue to do this, day in, day out. I know something of this, for when I was in Israel, to be cut off from my loved ones was a great hardship, if the mail wasn't reaching me, or they did not know where to send me a letter, I just wasn't receiving a single thing for weeks and weeks! Here in America we think little of such things, they are just nuisances, but when abroad it can almost life and death sometimes to keep the lines of communication open. I know in my case I was in real distress because of I could get nothing out that would get a response into my hands.

Imagine, what Cora and Carl went through, when they received not one word from Myrtle and Bill for two whole years! Whatever the reason, it was a hard thing for them to bear. Surely, it did not have to happen. I know, for a friend of my family was a dear Jesus-loving woman with M.S. Flat on her back for many years, unable to move anything but her lips, she yet painted pictures that won awards, and also communicated in letters (dictated to her willing friends), and graduated from that to emailing by her own voice command system on her computer! It proves that handicaps are excuses, if they are taken as such. There is always a way with God. If not, why do we need God? With God nothing is impossible, that we believe if we know God truly.--Ed.

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