Cora and Carl Taylor's Family Letter, Dec. 1978

19th of Dec. 78

Dear Hudson & Resa, Carleen and Ken, Calvin and Gwen:

A very blessed Christmas Season and a New Year full of surprises of what the Lord can do. Amen!

You just can't believe a mother would treat their loved ones like this. A good while b/4 Christmas I sent a long letter to all my sisters, mother and brother also sent cards to some 100 or more Brazilian friends and here I leave you to the last. For one thing I decided to sent C. Cards to all the people that have come to the meeting we have in the Hotel Estancia. Whow! I wrote or typed out the invitation on every card and my head became dissy. Good thing Daddy was in Rio for 2 and a half wks because he wouldn't have fared to well.

Well let me tell the biggest blessing outside of a few souls the Lord has given me was the tape from Hudson and Resa. It was an hr. long with Amy Ruth talking up a cooing, bruing storm. My what a delight. We hadn't had a word from you since March. So you kids will be thru in Jan. In places the tape was rather dull so I didn't get what kind of course you wanted to take in Texas, Hudson. Was it micanic? In my estimation you already know more than what you have tools for. Life is pretty simple out here, remember. Mom is getting awfully lonesome too and remember we have never seen Amy Ruth.....

Gwen what a scare it was to every one that you almost lost that little one. I cried when I thot how you and Cal flew off 2 hr. trip to the Doc and just think of that little group of soldiers there at home Praying.

When Beth came and told me, coffee was forgotten and we called on our faithful Lord. It didn't matter if it was late to us. He says he will answer before we call anyway. I often forget to pray for Daddy while he is preaching but as I go to prayer about 10:30 P.M. I ask them. Does that coinside with your Theology, ken. Thanks for your letter Cal. I was thrilled to get out of bed to answer Luthers and Marlin's call.

O this crazy typewriter does't spell any better than my old one!!!!!!!!

We keep getting leters from Mayfair stating of the blessing my kids and grand kids where. Praise the Lord. What a joy for these old folks. Where did you eat your Christmas dinner. We are having Beth, Danny and sweet kids for the tree Sun. night and Christmas dinner on Sun. then we all go over to the "Quiet house"--Templeton's for Christmas dinner again. I'll be taking 3 pies, Apple of course for Clayton that don't like tart ones, will have to be cream.

Daddy has been in Rio the month of Nov. and Dec. He comes back for Christmas and then takes a trio back to Rio [a Rio trio?--Ed.] for three wks. in Jan. There are so many invitations one could work there the rest of his life if he could get a wife that could stand the heat.

The floods in Brazil are terrible 700 dead and 2,000 missing. We are O.K. so far but floods all around us in Minas Gerais [this was handwritten, the above was all typed. --Ed.]

{Second page continues, with instructions to send Round Robin style to Be, Estelle, Pearl, Ruth, Mama, Leroy, and then Myrt to Alida--Ed.]

How are all my grand children? I sure would like a letter from those that can write. You are all so precious to us. For Celinda, Linita, Clay and Carl we got them shirts with their names printed on them. I don't know what we got you kids but my darling begins counting how much it is going to cost him every Christmas as the family keeps growing. It is a standing joke around here that he thinks you all have enough kids as it's getting expensive for him at Christmas. Ha. Ha. Hudson and Resa we could stand at least 3 more from you. If there is any kick from Bumpa I will get a job selling plants to help with that $10.00 a head. Go ahead and laugh, suits me.

There is no one in the town except for those that can't read that can point their finger at me in eternity and say you never told me of Jesus. This monthly meeting in the Hotel Estancia runs from 33 to 61 people and many unsaved have come and heard the gospel in it's purity. Today a Catholic Dr's wife called me and said you can put me on the list because I'll be there. She will be coming with another Dr's wife she said. These kind do not enter the Evangelical church but they are without excuse. This time I have asked the women to bring some thing Christmasy to put on display. I made a toilet cover today like the one you gave me Cal and Gwen just that I put Santa coming down the chimney then when you open the cover I put swich marks to show he was flushed down. The two women that have seen it just hawled. That's my love for Santa I tell them. His throne in our house is just the toilet seat. papa would agree whole heartedly.

There is no end of work one can do for the Lord. Just this monday a man came to the door from Itapira about a 45 minute ride by bus. He said this was his second time and he was desperate for me to come with him to his house to help his 21 yr. old son that has demons. He had been put in the asylum 6 times in these 5 yrs. He is agressive the wrong way, he used "O terco" around his neck day and night. He doesn't sleep at night so the folks can't sleep either. He has begun to drink and smoke etc. Sr. Fabio made it clear his wife was a Chistian. So I turned to him and asked, "And you the head of the house aren't you saved." He said no I am a Catholic. I said, "Well, so you are going to ask me to take the load of your son's problem when its your responsibility as the man of the house." When it came around to it he made a statement like this, well, can anyone really know they are saved?" It was like adding alcohol to the fire. I ran and got my Bible and it appears he came to assurance of Salvation. I've been having a grand time resisting and praying for that family. He had come ready to pay my way on the bus to go to his home. I let him know my God was just as powerful here as there and now that the Chefe da Casa was saved [not sure what that meant, except that it could mean "head of the house" for I know that much about the Portuguese words used, from slight acquaintance--Ed.], well now we would lose his son? [that was a rhetorical question of Cora's, I take it.--Ed.]

I prayed 5 months daily for a 55 yr. old fellow that jumped from a train and has tried to jump from a car. He sits in the park in front of our window. I only talked to him 3 times. Last wk. he too said he found peace with the Lord. We love you all so much. Momie and Daddy

[On back of second page is this handwritten note:] "Hudson,Resa, and Amy Ruth have finished their training and plan a west coast trip. They want to come to Brazil in May. Amen!"

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