"Cora Taylor's Jacutinga Citizenship Award,"

December 2013,

Jacutinga, Brazil

After 64 years of residence in Brazil, many of these spent in the Jacutinga, Minas Gerais, a city of over 22,000, and ministry as New Tribes missionary to the Brazilian people in various states, Cora Taylor has received a most notable award.

It is the Citizenship of Jacutinga Award, as evidenced by the beautiful plaque presented her by a Councilor ("Veadore" in Portuguese) of the City of Jacutinga, representing the Transporation Office of which he is the head and the citizens of Jacutinga.

Carleen, her eldest daughter and also a missionary for life, stands by her mother in one of the "pictures, as her mother is honored by the words of the Councilor.

In very sincere and emotional words, since he was her neighbor for years and knew her very well, he credited her with his faith in God and how his life was turned around, due to her witness of Jesus Christ to him.

In numerous ways, Cora Taylor was also active in improving the quality of life practically for the people of the whole community, paying for the paving of a good stretch of roadway in the village out of money received from her departed mother's estate.

Her home had a good-sized, above-ground swim pool paid for by that money too, which she used to bless the local children, who would come to swim at her invitation and who also received Bible lessons from her. It is likely that was the only instruction in the Bible they ever received.

Cora Taylor also ministered to the pitiful lepers that passed through the community from time to time. They always knew hers was one door they could stop at to receive Christian welcome and refreshment, and not be rudely turned away.

The local jails also received her love and witness of the Gospel, as she went on regular trips visiting the inmates, who have no hope whatsoever of improvement for their lives. To them she offered real hope in Christ the Savior! She did this for many years, using her own car for transportation to the prison and jails.

The Berean Bible church she and her husband Carl founded in Jacutinga continues strong to this day. Who can say what good effect that has had on the whole community--but it has no doubt been a great one.

Now she resides at the Peniel Bible Institute of the New Tribes Mission, where another daughter and her husband have worked for many years as teachers and administrators.

Her son-in-law, NTM missionary Dan Templeton built a beautiful "Cora Taylor Guesthouse" of three storeys, which is used to house his favorite mother-in-law as well as missionary families in transit and those who need a restorative time in a lovely and peaceful setting such as Peniel.

Particularly as her golden sunset years have reached into the Nineties and she hasn't quit the mission field or retired, Cora Taylor has provided quite the local star attraction to the students and classes of Peniel as well as the school's frequent visitors, which often come in big groups to her residence to see this remarkable lady they have heard so much about over the years.

More than a few have been profoundly affected by her ministry in the past, converted to Christ after she witnessed to them with the Gospel, and they travel hundreds of miles in some cases to tell her how grateful they are for her and her husband's bringing the Gospel to them for their salvation.

This has been a special joy to her, to hear from the recipients how Christ has changed their hearts and lives. She may no longer recognize all of them individually or be able to name all of them, due to the passing of years and having witnessed to so many thousands of people, but they never forget her! And they will not depart until they have been refreshed with Gospel songs, coffee, and cake!

The Councilor of Jacutinga is just one of hundreds, even thousands, impacted in a life-transforming way by Cora Taylor's love of Jesus, faith in Jesus, and witness of Jesus over the last 64 years of her life. At the grand age of 98 years young, Cora Taylor exemplifies what the Bible says will be the case with his saints: they will be green and flourishing as olive trees, full of sap!

God bless this great lady, who has been an example to us all of what God wants in a disciple: humility, obedience, perseverance, love, mercy, and grace, and, not least, hospitality.


NOTHING NEW for GRANDMA CORA to pray as she did this morning for people to come to our home and ask for help. She is often tired, but never too tired for visitors to come who need Jesus. She continues to be our pride and joy… we are dedicated to caring for her with love and appreciation for who she is.

On December 12th, she was honored with (JACUTINGA) CITIZENSHIP and a beautiful plaque, thanking her for her many contributions to the city of Jacutinga, Minas Gerais. The City's Councilor you see here, Carlinhos, spoke at length about her and used the occasion to exalt the Lord Jesus, thanking her for leading him to a saving knowledge of the Lord. He was somewhat emotional when he expressed his love to her and to God who saved his soul. AMEN!

With much love & NEW awareness of our need of HIM! Ken & Carleen Newton

The Councilor of Jacutinga presents the award before the people gathered at Municipal Hall, and Carleen Newton her missionary daughter is shown with her. It was an overflow audience, as awards went to a number of citizens and the crowd gathered to view the awards and hear the speeches spilled into the street.

Cora and Son-in-law NTM Missionary Ken Newton

Cora Taylor grew up in a fervent, godlyt Bible-revering environment on her family farmstead in South Dakota, where evangelism was a vital part of the way of life:

"More On Evangelism,"--a most important subject!

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