"Cora's Comments and Reminiscences"

Hi Ron,

I was hoping Mama would remember something about her great Grandparents [Sjur and Oline Stadem]… not so. Nothing comes back to her right now. However, I helped her get started and she took off on the people listed below. Perhaps a little of this will be helpful. The last two people, Ben and his brother… she had more to say but was tired and preferred not to continue. She has memories of the name of Pastor T [Tetlie] in Canton, but we shall see if she can remember anything else. I’ll bring it up again.

Hope some of this is helpful. I was quite pleased that she talked when I needed to copy and had the laptop handy.

From Cora:

I met Papa’s Mother [this is Gurina, Peder's second wife after Marie passed away early in life]. She was crippled up with a big growth on her back – like a hunch-back thing. I only saw her when she was in a rocker in her own home.

Adolph & Malvin were half brothers of Papa. I went there to speak to them of their need of salvation before I left for Alaska. I went to the barn and they weren’t there. I figured it out they were still in the field. I so wanted to talk to them about the Lord because I was leaving for Alaska and didn’t know if I would see them again, so I waited for them.

They acted kind enough so that I would not leave broken up. I explained that I believed we were to take Jesus as our Savior and that salvation is not by baptism as a baby. They listened and were respectful.

Aunt Caroline was just plain sweet. I don’t think anyone ever got on the subject of salvation at that time.

(Cora is leafing through the Stadem book) “My Dad with the flowers on his coat. He did it. And he got the other fellows to put flowers on their coats for their wedding. This should give us a good chuckle for years and years to come."

Do you remember the run-away going to Marie Klungseth’s house? We were going to visit and you leave the farm and a lot of hills to go one mile until you turn to our right. The horse got scared going down the hill before the right turn. The buggy got to pushing him to go faster and faster… there were several of us (probably 5 girls) and I could see that he was getting wilder and wilder as he ran. As we got closer to the farm house to turn into their gate, the Lord saved us from being thrown – that’s the way I feel, though I wasn’t saved at the time. So I sawed his mouth by pulling his reigns through his teeth and he didn’t know what to do but to stop. Then we drove in and there was the whole family to meet us and visit with us. I think we called her “auntie”.

Ufda, we didn’t have much contact with them. We didn’t know enough to tell them how to be saved and my Dad didn’t carry a burden for the souls of his family. He always wanted folks to go to church… that was his big aim. They did not go to our church, they went to Vina [Vienna], SD

My Dad did not talk to us individually about our salvation. He did me, because I was leaving. “Sit down I want to talk with you, you are leaving for Alaska. You are leaving and I want to know why you want to change churches.”

I said that I saw it in the Word. “He that hath the Son hath Life.” 1 Jn. 5:11, and it is not baby baptism that saves. I was so surprised how calm he stayed. He thanked me and stood up and walked away. That’s all I remember.

“My, but they are a sober bunch. The whole bunch! We were taught to smile.” Says Mama as she leafs through the Stadem book.--Carleen.

Norman and Ben (cousins). “Mama took me over to their farm because Norman (or Ben [Cora cannot remember which one]) had said that if I would go to him, he would teach me the principal things about the organ. In fact, he never missed a Sunday, playing for the church services. I went a few times. Mama played the organ… it is something that she learned to play and sing at the organ before she came from Norway. This was so good for us at home. She remembered all the words of the Norwegian songs that she retained from her childhood. It was amazing.

The other sisters would go when they had time and enjoyed Ben and Norman – learning from them, too.

One morning our family was all together for breakfast and my Dad came in all smiles. He told us that it seems as though Ben and Norman had gotten saved with him that morning. Papa had scolded them because they had been careless with the cows and hadn’t milked them as they should have.

I see something new from you again… The Old Wooden Spoon. She may enjoy remembering that one!



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