Cora Taylor's Letter from the Missionary Church in Homer, Alaska

FROM THE LETTERHEAD: Homer Heights, Aug. 16-23, 1942, Theme: COMPLETE IN HIS BLOOD.


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2 Thess. 3: 1 "Finally, bretheran, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you."

Homer, Alaska, July 1, 1942

Dear Loved Ones:

The Lord worketh in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

Time and time again I have wondered why Alida asked this question "When are you coming home?" Now I can answer this.

A week ago last Tuesday my Darling "Carl" was taken to Soldonia a very sick man. He first stayed at the missionaries with doctors care but found he was getting worse with temp of 104 degrees so he was taken to the hospital Sat. I was called to come Monday and found my lover was flat on his back with Rheumatic-Fever and leakage of the heart which came on him because of the fever. It made him all swollen in the joints and he felt so miserable he prayed to be taken home to Heaven. Now this is not the hard part to take but Doctor's orders are for us to leave Alaska to go to a warm dry climate in the south. It just broke us up and still does to think we must leave these dear people we have learned to love so dearly, and our dear little new home,and our missionary friends, this beautiful country, leave it ALL behind, to never return. Then to go somewhere, no not to our dear ones in So. Dak., Iowa or Mich. for these states are filled with R. Fever, but we must go some place where it is dry and hot. Texas or some place like that.

Doctor lays Carl's condition to mountain climbing, packing, logging, which causes sweating, then cooling off, etc.

So we are coming home first to Papa and Mama. Just for a week or so then to S. Falls maybe to Clear Lake for treatments and Michigan to Mother Taylor then south (we know not where).

Don't misunderstand us to think we are not happy to come home for we are, but my such a shock to take all in one day. (5 min. after I heard about Carl I went out to re-stake the horse and found he had fallen in the canyon behind the cabin and broke his neck. (This I can't tell Carl yet). We are still happy and rejoicing in the Lord. In moving my lover out of hospital tomorrow to keep him in bed six weeks then to Homer to pack trunks and to take the first boat home. Plan to leave by Sept. 1 if we can get a boat. But write us again here.

Pray much for Carl he is very week and has lost so much. We praise the Lord for the Book of Job these days. Please do this for us right away. Send us two application for Western Clergy fare you get at Depots. Send right back please. Thank you.

Love, Cora


Note from Editor: Living Evidence That God Turns Hard Circumstances to Much Good:

Cora and Carl Taylor, and Baby Carleen

Strange How Much This Old World Shrinks! A friend now lives in Soldotna, Alaska, to whom I write, which must be Soldonia--also spelled Seldovia in Aunt Cora's letter of 2002 recounting the history to Norwegian relatives.--Ed.

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