Cora Taylor's Letter to Mama Bergit,

Concerning Papa Alfred Stadem's 1964 Homegoing

Note: Cora wrote in ink on this typed letter to send to Bernice and Estelle, then wrote: "Please send to Pearl." This way she did not have to send out the same letter more than once, which was too hard to do. This letter evidently arrived when the funeral was taking place, Jan. 6th, 1964, or thereabouts. The poem seems to be original, written by Cora. If it wasn't, she adapted it well. We have already put on-line Papa Alfred Stadem's letter referred to in this letter, and his story he enclosed om tjat ;etter, "I Will Lead You, Daddy," about Mavia the ltitle girl who witnessed to her own wayward father to seek God so he could go to heaven.--Ed.



MY dear Mama:

The telegram just arrived two hrs. ago and I can't settle down to anything it seems. I was scheduled to drive a sick lady to a hospital at this hr. but another missionary offered so I was thankful. Now I must try and write a word of comfort.

After re-reading Papa's last letter I am trying to comfort myself with his own (last) words to us: "Mama too thinks it will be just fine to loose weight also hopeful that she will get well again. As for me I'd rather go first then to have to live without her: but of course that is selfishness on my part to hope. God knows best--and we must leave all of this to Him. Am trying to respond to all the get-well and Christmas Greetings, but have much to do yet. With love, Papa.

Isn't this precious now this letter with Leroy's Form letter and the precious story on Mavia, "I Will Lead You, Daddy" [which] I shared with all the children as it had been so precious to me.

So Papa's wish came true. I have suffered these days thinking the same thing. Now to be open with you, Mama, I feel you have been built for hard blows. Some how you have impressed me as being able to draw more on the Grace of God and He chose you to go thru this. My constant prayer is "Give Mama Grace, It's not Easy, Lord". I'm so busted up over the fact I can't be home at this time. This very hr. no doubt 6th Jan. the funeral service is going on. It seems strange that tho I was in the states 17 yrs. ago when Arthur was taken, I was in the hospital with Baby Beth. This God understands and I too cry out for more Grace. Papa was a good daddy and we will miss him so much. Could it be that He [Jesus] got lonesome for him and took him closer?


Faithful and well he served Him

As he trod this world's stern path.

Now he serves Him still in glory,

Face to face with Christ at last.

He would not have us sing his praises,

To God alone he raised his song.

Now he sings his praise in Glory

With that wondrous heavenly throng.

Much he knew of Joy and gladness

As he walked this earthly sphere.

Knew his share of sadness

And loved his Saviour more each year.

What a welcome there awaited!

Arthur dear, and mother too;

Father, brothers,--oh, how sweet

To greet his own, and friends so true.

Best of all he met his Saviour,

Now he sees Him "face to face."

He is singing now in glory

Of the dear Lord's saving Grace.


Do sell the farm, Mama, and come live with us. We never had the privilege of having Papa, so now don't you disappoint us now. Love, your Cora

Do rest extra lots Mama. P.S. So thankful for the telegram Leroy [sent], do let us know how much we owe you [for the telegram?].

Ruth, it's been so good you could be with Mama thru all this. He giveth more grace. Thanks for letter, Sis. Cora

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