Cora's Letter to Pearl Ginther & Ron

From Brazil's Coffee Country

15th of Sep [2010],

Dear Pearl & Ron,

Your thick letters arrived yesterday & your 101st Birthday has come and gone already. God has something good in mind for you it appears. Today is the 20th of Sep. and this is the 2nd letter I have started & because of visitors I never finished them. I recall counting the visitors just one day, & it was 17. Receiving letters is still fun but to answer them is a battle now. I guess my age (95) has something to do with it [smiley face].

My, my, what a fire! The Lord sure helped all of you dear ones to escape. [The house across the narrow street in Pearl's court burned 2010--Ed.]

You can't imagine what 2 daughters mean to one that's laid up. Today Beth Ann pushed me in my wheelchair out to our trees that have at least 30 orchids in bloom to have coffee with her in the shade.

Danny had made furniture out of sawed tree trunks. What an attractive place to pray. Soon we heard O-o-o-o, students looking up at us inviting themselves to coffee.

Soon a car stopped, a leader in his lovely car, and kidded Beth, "Too bad his birthday passed the day B.4." That didn't stop Beth, she goes in the house and baked a delicious cake 4 him. His favorite cake, "Banana Bead."

Ron, I don't know who could be better than you to give me news about the death of my family. Like who died, last words. Did each one have assurance of salvation?

I don't know if anyone ever told you & Pearl that I live in a 3-story house. I live on the first floor. On the 2nd floor lives my Grandson Danny Boy, his wife Bianca & 2 yr. old, Lisa. My Grandson Clay, his wife Mari Anna & Baby Lorenna will live on 3rd floor when they arrive.

We have put up many needy missionaries in the 2 small apt. behind this house. Whoever takes care of me lives with me on 1st floor.

We enjoy the Big wrap-around porches on 2 1/2 sides.

I have many plants on these porches, and on the trees behind the house.

These porches are a blessing. My aim is to walk around on these porches every day hanging on to some one's arm, or hang unto my wheelchair pushing it by some extra crome [chrome] wheels which never touch the dirt, but are fastened to the bigger ones.

This chair is wonderful. When I go to Church my motorist folds my chair in the middle & people rush up to walk me to the church door & then they put my comforting pillows in my chair and roll me up the ile [isle]. My hearing is bad since I broke my back, but this chair is such a Comfort.

Our company has arrived for pancakes or waffles that Daniel loves. So good night. We all love you too.

Oldie, Cora

Tribute by Nephew Ronald Ginther:


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