Cora Taylor's Letter to Rinderknechts

Feb. 17, 1991

Cora Taylor

Caixa Postal 30

37590 Jacutinga

Minas Gerais, BRAZIL, S.A.

Dearest Mim, Ron, Chad and "Manifestation of God".

What a tremendous meaning of a name. Tiffany is a darling name and not worn out. Yes, I believe she will manifest the Lord as a child and also an adult as she grows. I was thrilled to tears to read you had adopted that Precious thing. Her picture shows how alert she is. Thanks a million for the tremendous pictures and report on the whole thing. I was fascinated as Beth was that you could be there at the birth and even meet the mother. I'm sure Ron makes a superb daddy and Chad a loving brother. Praise the Lord.

It seems incredible, that our vouchers [the bank deposits from New Tribes Mission that contain funds that are sent to them from donors and churches supporting them in the field] take so long to come. My last one is Dec. But this is life. You have nothing to ask pardon for, Mim, you owe us nothing. Ron, she tells me, it was you Ron that felt led to send to all of us and I am most grateful. I thank you for this most precious gift of $100.00. What a lift! Yes, Myrt was right, I had to have dug out the whole motor, walls and floor of the motor room as it was rusting the motor. Praise Him, the motor could be done over so, I didn't have to buy a new one.

Wrote Be and Hans last wk. Good idea to help Be to get to the farm. She has really given herself. So Peter has asked to take the load away from her this yr. She should be able to rest, but if I know Be, she is a Stadem and maybe she will try to put her hands into the pudding. I told Russ to make sure to come this yr. and wrote a joke I had read in the Readers Digest that day. The wife asked her husband to please go out to the garbage can with her. He asked why that? and she said, "So I can tell my friends, we go out together."

Please tell me how Gussie is going to hang that Parachute! I've written Be twice on that and asked if she was going to hang it on a Skyhook. That's a story in itself. Then I've written her twice not agreeing with her putting up those copper plaques in rememberance of Carl and Lenita. I said the yard will be full some day because none of us will live forever, unless the Lord comes for us. i don't know her answer on this.

The Crisis (economical) is pityful here in Brazil. Just had a visit from 2 girls that work in the same type of Bank and they say it is about to close. Many of our [church] members are working in these Sweater factories [in Jacutinga] and the weather is not conducive for selling. Just the same the Lord is faithful. [happy face]

Love, Cora

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