"Dear Folks at Sioux Falls,"

Postcard Letter to Parents of Darrell Ginther, by Arthur Stadem,

& by Darrell Ginther to Parents,

& Papa/Grandpa Alfred Stadem

from Plain View Farm,

June 7, 1939

Here I am safe and sound. Got many rides yesterday and got to Erwin at 11:30, but I had to walk a few miles from there so I got home about two thirty, but I was just in time for lunch. Leroy was out in the garage, Ruth upstairs with Darrel, Mama in the bedroom, and Papa in the dining room, so I surprised them all when they began coming around.

Papa thought I was just another salesman.--Art


Dear Mama & Papa,

I went over to Great Grandma's today with Grandpa and then went to town with [Leroy] for school.

I've been wearing glasses too because the sun is too bright.

Leroy, Art & I were flying a kite tonite.

I had three breakfasts today, but Granma wouldn't give me the fourth one. Don't you think they are feeding me too little??--Your Big Boy & Bro. Darrell

Wed. A.M. All quiet yet 6:30. Things are loud and strong all day long, and keeps Granpa busy in his mind to answer questions giving information and suggestions. Don't forget we are looking for you by Oct. Suppose it would be a treat to attend District Convention at Watertown, Sunday at least, but how? Shall we meet you at the depot?--Papa


Note: This is a postcard done in pencil, which was often the case as pens were expensive. Grandpa's writing is at the bottom, and his style shows it is his writing. The entries for Art and Darrell appear by the same person, which would be Art Stadem, as Darrell is too young to write, although he certainly must have been quite verbal, as Grandpa's remarks testify!

Art Stadem writing for Darrell shows his gentle sense of humor. He is coming from the Academy in Canton. It is a long trip with hitchhikes to get him to the farm 100 miles or more away. Leroy and Ruth live still at home on the Farm. Darrell is just a little boy in 1939. He is about 5 years old, as I was born three years later, and we are eight years apart in age.--Ed.]

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