Darrell Ginther"s Letters from the Hospital, June 1969

Letter 1:

June 1969,

Dear Mother,

Please send me some of the money. Now Svanoes can wait about getting any money from me until my 2 Government checks get sent back to me from Portland,Oregon! If those people at that Hotel, house maid and clerk at the Beaver Hotel tried tocash thosechecks, I can begin a court hearing against her in a Federal court. I want that money and whatever amount I'mgoing to, send it toSvanoes. But remember I'm paying Svanoes with my Federal checks once a month until I have it paid for. I do not believe I owe Bill anything outsde of my fare that he paid for me to come from Wold Chamberlain Airport [Mpls-St. Paul] to Sea-Tac International Airport. I'm very disgusted about the way I have behaved and I want to do my utmost to straighten up while here so when I get out I can act like a gentleman instead of a rambling fool.

Forgive me of all my idle talkativeness. I knowI talk too much and forgive me and I'm sure God will forgive me also. Pray for me,mother. God bless you and Grandma, who have me your prayer lists.

So this must be cleared up while I am on the way to recovery. Jesus is still andalways will be the Way, the Truth, and the Life!! The blood of Jesus Christ God's Son cleanseth us from all sins. Watch and pray always for ye know not what will fall on the morrow,Amen!

Fish is good to eat, good for brain food.

Please write the Lutheran church, Missiouri Synod They will send us the 2 checks. I gave the intern minister the key to my room # 25 at the Beaver Hptel and he should have got the checks by now.

Please do not give money what I'm going to pay in cash money for my Bible college training to the minister. I will give him money later. I am very concerned about Ronald. Write me soon and do not give anybody any of that two hundred and fifty dollars until I give you okay to do it.

God is speaking, oh God gave me an attentive ear to your still small voice. God help me to do your perfect will. I do fail all the time. Teach me to pray. Oh, God our Father who are in heaven, Hallelujah.

In Jesus Name, love, Darrell

Note: Even if his writing is large and loose and scrawling, Darrell still had enough logic in his mind to be able to try to straighten all this out, so he could pay his debts to the Svanoes in Mpls who bought him the ticket home,and also to pay off his Bible college tuition still owed.

I believe I recall correctly that this was the time that Uncle Bill and Aunt Myrtle found Darrell was out of control there at their home where he was staying, and they tried so hard to get me (I was working for the landscaping company they had) to attend him on the plane back toWashington, but I refused, knowing full well I had no control over him at all, and I wasn't going up in the air with him,and he might do anything that came into his wild head to do. They gave up on getting me to do it, and Aunt Myrtle went, brave soul that she is, and I knew that was best, for she was theonly one really who had any respect from him, that he might obey to an extent. She didn't want to do it at all, as it cost them a return trip fare for her--but for me to do it was crazy--I just couldn't go up in the air with him, and he had no respect for me all, being the younger brother--but his Aunt, that was a different matter. What a time that was!

He really scared me when he was in that condition. Aunt Myrtle was a mature praying woman of God, so she wasn't without resources to handle this nephew of hers. I had no relationship with the Lord at the time, so I would have been a dead duck with him on that plane together.

Glad it is all over, the travail of those years. He went up and down, over the many years. But eventually God got him, and it took surrender of his own will, and the cross to his own desires, which was death of self really, and who really wants to die to self? Darrell was no different in this respect than any of us.

Thank God he had Mom, and Grandma, and his Aunt Myrtle, and others too, who prayed for him earnestly and faithfully. He would never have made it through all those times, and not become a vegetable in a hosp. ward, rambling like a fool, like he said. There were many such hopeless cases. God spared him that fate. I was little or no help in all this process, by the way.

Only from 1976 on was I getting back with the Lord by his grace and intervention, and then I could begin praying with the others for him--but it was very hard at times and I doubt I had any patience with him like Mom did.

I also recall in 1981, much later, that I did fly with Darrell, transatlantic, to England, and that was not pleasant for me. I found Darrell acting almost abusive toward me, and so when we arrived, it did not get any better in our relations. Before long he took himself off to the Netherlands alone, and I was so glad to see him go, and remain with our British friends for a month before we and other Brits flew to Israel, our destination. Darrell careened off to Germany, and when he got back to the U.S. he was a mess at the airport, and I had to go pick him up at the gate, so I remember what a state he was in. So that trip went bad for him, and I would have been in the thick of it if I had gone with him to Germany as he had hoped I would. God spared me that. Instead I went to Israel, and didn't connect with him later in Germany, having no money to do so as he had taken the larger portion of our funds, leaving me short. Well, that is another story. I had some hair-raising times my own, due to my own foolishness with money, from which God had to deliver me, but that was due to my being so unrealistic about my financial situation, and spending too much on souvenirs along the way.--Ed.

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