Darrell Ginther's

Letter to Mother, Pearl Ginther, May 28, 1988,

from Sioux Falls, SD

II Tim. 1:7, I Peter 2:28,I John 1:7, Isaiah 53, John 1:29, John 3: 16-17,I John 3, Love Chapter, II Cor.

Jesus Only! We would see Jesus!

May 28th, 1988


Dear Mother,

This morning at 4:00 p.m. I left Missionary Baker's Parsonage, she also owns the church that I've heard was a Swedish Lutheran [church] years ago.

I'm now on antibiotics to relieve my swelled up finger. My hand is infected, The Dr, Durranti, said, and I need these pills to counteract the poison, to get rid of all the poison in my body, so my hands can heal.

I did too much gardening, pulling weeds in the cracks of sidewalks and got slivers in my hand and fingers, and thorns pricked my skin and they bled [Darrell wasn't using gloves and was evidently "hyper" or manic at this time, maybe off his medicine or completely out of it, and so was rushing around doing these tasks he volunteered to do, and picking up trash was another volunteer task he assigned himself in downtowns of cities, when he wasn't passing out tracts and witnessing--Ed.] I'm all through working now this year, as I was told at the Seamen's Center [in Tacoma] I could go home and stay on vacation [he was probably too much to handle there anymore, when so high and rushing around in manic activity. Evidently, he went immediately to Sioux Falls, to write this letter from there home.--Ed.]

So my vacation or holiday has begun. Praise the Lord for setting me back, so I can trust the Lord more and rest in Jesus Christ. Keep praying for me however! I thank the Lord for His keeping power, Amen. My Medicare and Medicaid pay for the two doctors that are treating me at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, and also pay for the medicine and pills.

I'm happy about that!

Sorry I couldn't make the family reunion, but that's the way it is, you know. I have a gospel tract on smoking and the danger of getting too much nicotine [he himself struggled for years with an addiction of chewing tobacco, which ruined his teeth eventually and also caused him stomach upsets, so those in the Relationship who chew tobacco, don't do it! It was a degrading thing for Darrell, all those years. He knew it was wrong for him to do, contrary to his being a Bible preacher, but was helpless to give it up until God finally delivered him from it.--Ed.]. Please greet all friends of the Stadems that I know at Bryant Lutheran Church. Hope next year I will be able to come to family reunion.

I'm staying home now all the time and soaking my wrists and fingers 3 times a day in hot water! And taking pills called Litobid [?] which is similar to liturium [Lithium for the lithium deficiency he had?].

Praise the Lord! God bless you real good on yur vacation, Mother! Say hi to Aunt Be, and Uncle Leroy, Aunt Elizabeth and the kids & cousins.

Hope to hear from you soon!

You may be back early in the month of June!

So hope you have fun and joy visiting all relatives on the Farm!

Love, Darrell

Mother Pearl wrote on his letter on the back: "Received Darrel's letter yesterday. He wrote me in S.D. Rangens just left at 9:45 for Olympia, then on to Portland to fly home to Yuma.

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