Dean Stadem's Email Letter, 1999

Dean Stadem's letter tells how he came to have first contact with the line of Alfred and Bergit Stadem in a most remarkable way. He goes on to tell how he has been researching the Stadems in America, and found out that there were "First Wave" Stadems and "Second Wave" Stadems. He gives some fascinating information he found out about the First Wavers who came to America in the 18th century. The Second Wave that came in the 19th century included Dean's and also the line of Alfred Stadem.--Ed.


Date: Wed, May 5, 1999

Subject: Your Fantastic Website


"Hi, my name is Dean Stadem. My father was Peter Gordon Stadem. His father was Severt Owen Stadem, who was married to Sarah Serena Julson. Just for the heck of it I did a search on our family name. I know that Alfred Stadem was my father's uncle, and therefore he must have been Severt's brother. I have always been fascinated by the Stadem family background. What a pleasant surprise your website is. I know that there is another Peter Stadem who is Pastor Leroy's son. I met him through one of my roommates when I was attending college at the University of Minnesota. Peter was involved in the Tentmaker's, a Lutheran youth organization. I was involved in a campus ministry, and my roommate met Peter at our church. He did not immediately connect the last name; I think he may not have known what Peter's last name was when they first met. Anyway Peter called my house and wanted to speak to Lenny. Lenny, however, was working, and I asked if I could take a message. Peter said, "Please have him call me. My name is Peter Stadem."

Well, I just about dropped the phone, because I knew by the tone of his voice that he was sincere. I told him my name was Dean Stadem, and that my father's name was also Peter Stadem. This time it was his turn to drop the phone. As we talked, we figured out how we were related. When I first met him I was struck by how much he looked like one of my immediate family. Through him I learned about the other parts of the Stadem family that I never really knew too much about.

Although I do not know any of you other Stadems very well, I just want to tell you how proud I am to be a member of this family. Our ancestors for the most part did a good job in passing on important values to all of us. The reason I know this is because I have been asked many times if I am related to the Stadems who live in the Dakotas, or the Stadems in Tempe, Arizona, or in Alaska, New Mexico, California, and Washington State. When I explain that we all came from the same original family, the comment I always, always hear is that the Stadem name is very well respected in whatever part of the world they happen to be in, and that I come from a "fine family."

I have to agree. Congratulations on your website. Feel free to contact me if you want to just talk. I have discovered a lot of information on our family tree that goes back to the early 1700s. Did you know that there were at least two migrations of Stadems to the Territories? [North and South Dakota Territories] The first one was from a group of about 12-15 families that came by ship from Norway through Hudson's Bay in, get this, 1793!

They overwintered in the Winnipeg area at that time, and several died, and the rest of the group (about 150 people in all) traveled south and settled in what is now North Dakota. They actually were living in that part of the country for almost 75 years before the first settlers came, in fact, they were some of the first white people to settle and actually survive west of the original 13 colonies. I found this absolutely fascinating. Well, goodbye, it sure was nice visiting your website."

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[It is noteworthy too that he mentions how important values and transmitting them generation to generation was to the Stadems, earliest on. Why is this our trait, seemingly, in the Stadem family? Has God put that trait in us for a special purpose of His own? Could you guess the reason for that? Would our spiritual heritage, our Christian faith based on the Bible and salvation in Jesus Christ's gift of grace, would that have something to do with the purpose?--Ed.]

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