"Do You Hear Their Voices Gently Calling?"

Darrell Ginther's Homegoing,

A Ballad by Ronald Ginther


No wife, no children, no family near, he lay down

and passed away alone.

Alone! But what of the thousands, souls

he greeted with tracts so merrily?

The Gospel shared from Washington to Norway

and Germany, France and Italy?

They like seeds will live,

after they die when sown.

Refrain: Hear those voices gently calling?

"Beloved, rise and come now, dear!"

"Heaven has for you a home."

"Your mother's waiting,

do you hear? do you hear?"


At once he rose up to his feet

and saw bright angels in his room.

A silent form lay in his bed,

its face a child's, like in the womb.



But only a moment did he pause to look,

he understood in a flash, and leaped to follow them.

There was no need to linger there,

his wedding garment was ready from neck to hem!



With no backward glance,

he ran ahead up the starry, blazing sky,

and if you ask how his life read,

"Amazing Grace!"-- his Lord's reply--

and surpassing Olympian victors' feats of excellence.


Part I: Personal Reflections, by Younger Brother, Ron Ginther

Darrell my eldest and unarguably most remarkable brother passed away alone, quietly. It was a most private event, unlike his very public lifestyle of sharing the Good News everywhere in uncountable cities and streets and stores and churches and gospel missions.

It seems very sad, to conclude a life in that way, but was it sad for him? He went to sleep, but when he awoke, he was heaven-bound! His pain was over forever, without any lengthy stay in a hospital or a long illness in a lonely hospital bed.

God was merciful, for had he lived longer he might have suffered illness and hospitalization and been confined to a wheelchair, which would have been very hard on him, since he had lived so energetically with exceptionably good health and high energy levels all his life.

Darrell was remarkable for his good humor. Unquestionably, Darrell was the merriest person I ever knew, or could possibly know. He was also the child of grace beyond any other I have known, meaning everything he was, or managed to be, was because of God's grace, not his own attainments, of which he could boast.

Darrell's life and ministry gave the glory to God, for it was not a life that the world esteemed, it was so given to God and the Gospel. This pleased God evidently, and as Paul observed, to use the "weak things" to confound the "wise," and perfect his strength in Darrell's weakness. So the grace of God was poured out on him and his life so extravagantly there was all the more given him since he always gave the glory to God.

Whenever people found some reason to admire Darrell for something he did or said, they always knew it was God working in him, not Darrell.

Darrell's generosity and love for his family persisted to the very last days of his life. In that he showed his heart for his family, which he never lost despite all his years devoted to ministry of the Gospel.

Darrell has great, even phenomenal reward in heaven. I only wish I had valued him more when he was alive. I found him very hard to live with, and vexing, to tell the truth. But his memory is precious to me now, and that is partly a consolation for losing him and his encouraging and tender brotherliness shown to me in ways I can never forget as the earlier, unhappy memories fade away. like the dark clouds after a storm.

Lastly, you may not recognize it, or know it, or even want to acknowledge the fact, but I know Darrell is great in heaven. While on earth he was unknown, he is acclaimed now as a "Prince of Zion."

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