Stadem Historian Estelle Rangen's Letter

to Nephew Ron Ginther,

September 9, 1998

Dear Ron,

You've done it again...You have that touch of magic: another beautiful family heritage calendar! Dedicating it to Aunty Be is such a beautiful gesture! My how she worked and lived all year through with "The Reunion" in mind! It's meaningful as you use 2Peter 1, throughout the months and the "Thoughts"...we just read 2nd Peter in our devotions this morning: great chapter! You have a "nack" of finding interesting pictures: we don't have that one of Joe [Rangen, her husband, and Ron's uncle] speaking at "The Folk's" 50th. We'd love a copy of the original! (Perhaps your mom has it, right?)

As you notice, we'd like a copy for our 4 children for Christmas. If you'll send it on, we'll be very grateful. (calendar)

Thank you Ron for the gift of the "PVF" Calendar! The picture on the cover of the calendar, it is so unique--never have seen it before. Such a dandy idea with the arms saying a "hearty salute." The most touching picture is the one of your Dad with our two brothers. Art had cozied up to your Dad and then Leroy got the warm arms of Uncle Bob around his shoulders.

Now we have received the box of cards!!!!! It makes me feel SOOO "special". Never had my own card before [Plain View Farm Historian business card printed up for her]. (Ron, did you notice that the printer omitted 'Fort" before Shaw?...Don't know it how my mail would be delivered by using just 'Shaw'...What a unique handle...."Cornerstone Editor".

I really think you have too much confidence in my writing, Ron. However, it sounds like a real challenge, and I'll try to do what I can towards our PVF Heritage. When I get some things together, You must feel free to use or not use. I'm not exactly sure just what you want, so I'll do and send materials and you do as you and Jerry and Pearl feel is right, okay? The "Stadem Chat Room" sounds very interesting and surely anyone of us should be able to answer questions which might come in. [in 2019 or 2020 a new Stadem Chat Room has come into existence on Facebook; the one on WebTV expired long ago!--Ed.]

Ron, do you remember the tribute I wrote up for your mother as she celebrated her 80th birthday? Is there something in that write-up that you could use? If your mom can't find those sheets, I could send you mine--"A Tribute to Sister Pearl, the Splendor of Eight Decades". (Brings out memories from our childhood). Some pictures are on the sheets too. Don't have colored ones.

I'm proud of the enthusiasm you and Jerry have towards making this PVF Heritage succeed on the website.

Marshall Field lists 12 things to remember:

1. The value of time

2. The success of perseverance

3. The pleasure of working

4. The dignity of simplicity

5. The worth of character

6. The power of kindness

7. The influence of example

8. The obligation of duty

9. The wisdom of economy

10. The virtue of patience

11. The improvement of talent

12. The joy of origination




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