Estelle & Joseph Rangen's Letter of 1988, #2

from Yuma, Arizona


A while back, Janelle sent a few phrases...I've read a few times...get such a kick out of them...thought you would too!......

On getting up in the morning: There's a new kind of health food...a combination of yeast and shoe polish. It's for people who want to RISE AND SHINE!

The early bird may have been up all night! (I think this is Janelle herself!)

The older generation thought nothing of getting up at 5 a.m.....and the younger generation doesn't think much of it either.

The alarm clock rings and to life's daily duel, I arise like a rocket just out of fuel!

One thing the alarm clock never rouses, is our better nature.

Early risers are conceited in the morning and stupid in the afternoon! (More truth than fiction. A quote I read not long ago has stuck with me... Many a person thinks he is being "cultivated" when he's only being trimmed like a Christmas tree.)

Nough of this...First to Aunty Be...(Did Russ do the typing on his COMPUTER? Beautiful work, Russ!) Great job, Be...on relating all the "goings-on" at the Stadem Family Re-Union! You're not only the the Instigator for the Reunion, you take on the Promotionals to get the Act-On-the-Road...You organize all the activities during the "cool" Reunion...The Hoop-la...the Splash...The magical turn in accents when laughing eyes turn to tears in heart-warming remembrances...The fashion parade...Blending of fact and feelings...Instant nourishment interspersed at the right hours in a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere....keeping everyone on schedule even to early rise...breakfast...visiting the cemetery (remembering our heritage)...rehearsing a song to be sung at the Worship Service...dinner at a neighboring city...and just when you could finally sit down in a rocker, put your feet up, relax...there's the psyching up to have to leave the Beauty of Plain View Farm which with momentuso energy, it's a park as mint!

We think too of the enormous open hearts of the owners of Plain View...who so, in a lavishly subtle way, have poured their monies into lmaking Plain View agingly reversed with so many visible improvements...pure care...pure beauty making polished summer days for all the relatives and friends and spouses...Thank you, Tom and Ruth! Let this quote from Be's letters be added...U guys are 2 good 2 be 4 gotten! Better as she puts it...U guys are

2 good

2 be


4 gotten

Perhaps it's the right time to share a paper-clipping where the advertisement is: WANTED: HOMEMAKER...Outstanding individual sought for highly creativ position. Excellent opportunity for long-term growth. Broad background in a variety of disciplines essential, but some on-the-job training possible. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, general organization and upkeep of the home, family counseling, child care, financial and food service management. Occasional plumbing, electrical and carpenty work necessary. Previous experience with wallpapering and painting helpful. Good physical and emotional health important. must be capable of operating lawnmower and snowblower; gardening expertise a plus. Travel agent experience also a plus. Labor mediator and/or consumer analyst background helpful. Previous work as a nurse; seamstress; nutrition consultant; banker; cook; pastry chef; church school teacher, tutor, chauffeur, soccer, basketball or other sport coach useful. Role modeling essential. On call 24 hours, holidays included. Unsalaried, volunteer position. Send inquiries c/o HOMEMAKER, P.O. Box LOVE. Anywhere, U.S.A.

Some write...some call...wondering about the HEAT in Yuma. Yes, we have had temps up to 116 F. by day...mostly 105-108. However, we are blessed with air-conditioners down here. In our homes, cars, stores, etc; we do not suffer. The worst experiences we have is to come back to our car when it has been sitting in the sun (need not be an hour), and you start the car...put on the air-conditioner...only hot air comes first...and you think you might die! Now that would be too bad, wouldn't it? But the next day we go out and go through it all over again!

We have discovered it's best to get up about 4:45 a.m. and take our walk and water all the plantings around Church. We now have 17 palms (two large...the rest small), and about 8 other bushes which we are determined to keep alive. They all look good as of now! Residents of our Desert Air Developement come out of their homes like ants who silently enter one's dwelling all unannounced. One learns how to live in the has to learn to survive actively.

We love it down here...getting more acquainted all the time with the "Year-Rounders" and we have met more of our neighbors during the early hour walks than we have any other hour of the day. Even to the extent of exchanging Flat Brod and zuchini...Norsk folk here too! Hummingbirds...tiny acrobats perform joyfully for food...all sorts of other kinds...we have a fig tree which has provided us with an abundance of figs...have made Mock Strawberry Preserves from them. Good to eat from the fridge...can use in many ways...we're learning. For the jam, we use, figs, Strawberry gelatin & sugar. Delicious!

We love you...Josef and Estelle

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