Pete and Kari Stadem's Christmas Letter,

"The Good News," December 2004,

Part II


Michelle says: This year I went to Puerto Rico with 10 other youth from our church. For 10 days I painted the walls of Sr. Maura's house, swam in the ocean, went kayaking down a river, shopped at various tourist stops and tried out my Spanish. My friend Abigail brought a horse to the State 4-H Horse Show in St. Paul, so I trekked along and helped, plus competed in various "horseless" events and prospered. Next I traveled with my 4-H Horse Knowledge Bowl team to Oklahoma City for a naitonal horse show, where our team was Reserve Champion (second in the country!) and I was third overall in horse judging--by far a personal best."


At Sister Mary's invitation, Pete's parents & sib lings (& families--26 in all) spent a week at Mt. Carmel Bible Camp, giving a concert and leading the music. It was inspirational, inter-generational, and a whole lot of fund!

David's playing the harmonica, and Michelle's learning the trumpet.

Five children sang with our 4-H club, accompanied by Pete on the guitar. "Hey Good-Lookin'" with 4-H words (written by friend Yvonne Zupke) won the County competition and top honors at the State Fair.


In a regional 4-H Contest this spring, David won first place in the intermediate division for interpretive reading; Michelle was second in the seniors. At the state contest in June, David was second. He is quite a ham! Michelle had two Champion projects and one Reserve Champion at the County Fair in August. Her Horseless Horse project won the first-place trophy at the State Horse Show. pete and the five oldest competed in the Foot Lake 4-mile Run in June. Kari considers each of them a big winner for finishing! Pete received second place in his age group (so you know how old those runners were????), and Michelle first in hers. Michelle also placed first in her age group in a 5K run in September.


Pete joined the youth group in their fundraiser Dinner Theatre, playing a stuffy Bible camp owner with Michelle as his secretary, and David a brainy camp counselor--all were funny.

Kari enjoyed getting apples from our own trees for the first time; she canned 100 qts. of applesauce.

Michelle, 16, is our chauffeur now, and is leasing a horse just for the fall.

David, 14, is surviving chemistry, and played Little League baseball again.

Joel, 12, and Daniel, 12, went to a baseball camp for a week. All three boys are into football now.

Sarah, 8, is learning to sew.

Andrew, 6, is excited to be a Cloverbud in 4-H.

Philip, 3, sang his first solo in a program, and he did well.


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