"The Great Commission,"

Christ's Call to us to preach the Gospel,

by Ron Ginther

A Grand Tradition on PVF that Needs Restoring:

"The Great Commission"


Our golden days are over, friend.

Blessings too come to an end.

If we won't go the Lord's true way--

as Prophets and the Scriptures say--

then we will wither off His vine,

Abiding not, all Stadem Nine.*

Mark 16: 15, 17, 18,

the Great Commission plainly seen! Verse 20 says that THEY obeyed--

preached EVERYWHERE the Lord had bade.

Not so us!--and we think we're right

denying scriptures in plain sight!

The greater guilt will fall our way--

His wealth long given--kept back!--

who can repay?


*The nine Stadem Families, which are full of pastors, Sunday school teachers, full-time missionaries, and lay ministers, yet there is no Gospel being preached anymore on Plain View Farm and hasn't been preached for many years since the passing of Alfred Stadem.

"More On Evangelism,"--a most important subject!

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