Hazel McLeod Zakariason's Christmas Card to Pearl Ginther

Handwritten Note from Pearl: "Old card when Aunty Caroline was still living."

Dear Cousin Pearl:


Hope this has been a good year for you--and another blessed year ahead. Our family is scattering like yours. Kay is teaching English in Turkey (Peace Corps). Mary is graduating & wants to work for the National Security Administration. Biff is going into the Army Medical Corps--Bro. Ray's daughter Carolyn was getting to be too much for my Mother who has cared for her since a baby--so now she is with us--a very sweet 10 year old. Mother is fairly well considering she is 81. She keeps house for herself and Ray.

Love, Russ & Hazel Zakariason

Note from Editor: Caroline Stadem McLeod was born Aug. 29, 1885, and passed Sept. 8, 1972. She was 87 years old in 1972.

The Zakarisons operated a successful nursery business in Minneapolis for many years before retiring to Mesa, Arizona. Hazel and Russ kept up contact with the Stadems of Plain View Farm right to the last, including themselves on the mailing list of the Stadem newsletter, the Samtaleren. Both have passed away recently. I myself never met Hazel and Russ, my cousins, but I knew of them, and my cousin Eloise Spilde Hefty kept up contact, visiting them whenever possible, in Arizona. In Minneapolis my Uncle Bill Svanoe often went to their nursery downtown to buy the most beautiful flowers and also purchased landscaping supplies there. They grew the most spectacular array of dahlias, which Uncle Bill bought to plant fully-grown in the beautiful grounds of his wealthy customers in his landscaping business. I saw them, and so can testify that Russ and Hazel each had a green thumb!

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