Stadem Heritage Sketch for Tapestry,

by Ron Ginther

Part I: "In Years Past," The Compass for Living,

by Ron Ginther

In years past I wrote many tributes

to Mother, uncles and aunts,

for by them there is victory

to quench the Enemy's taunts.

Remembering their godly practice

of God's true, eternal Word--

that's the way to keep our own feet

on track, and not off the path be lured.

Heritage is about salvation--

our own and loved ones' too--

for by it we keep Perspective--

and Heaven shines in plain view.

By it we can't be long distracted

and spend our lives in vain--

By it, we have a Compass--

our course set right in sunshine or rain.

R.G., May 10, Mother's Day, 2015


Part II,

"Estelle Rangen's Tribute to Be"

"Tribute to Be,"

On Her 70th Birthday,

Poem by Sister Estelle Stadem Rangen, 1981

Pencil Drawing of Bernice Stadem, by Nephew Ronald Ginther

This Queen of Hospitality Always Had One of These Hot and Ready:

1. Down in California State

The Place with plenty of sun,

There is a GAL we think highly of

Who is cheerful and full of fun!


2. Respectful, loving, and clever,

An Artist in design...

No craft is ever too difficult,

Just give her some time.


3. Behind a wheel, she's super,

No gas is lost as she drives!

If you want a fast trip down the mount

In this favor she thrives!


4. She has an adventurous spirit,

For to California she first went...

Since she's a good correspondent,

Good news to us she sent!


5. She works with her Hubby in printing,

Envelopes stuffed "by the ton."

There's speed in her work, let me tell you,

No one out-does her, "by gum."


6. Canaries and plants are her hobbies.

Ginger is her pet...(no meow).

More precious than all is her Darling,

Their son, his wife, Grandsons two!


7. Conversant, is one of her pluses,

She remembers each place ever stayed;

If ever a trip was repeated,


She recalls each stop that was made!

8. Health food is one of her majors,

She cooks like a gourmet too,

She's generous, fair and honest

in all she undertakes to do!


9. Each year she flies to Mobridge;

She scrubs and shines her Mom's home.

She bakes whole wheat bread by the dozens,

And, entertains with never a moan!


10. The farm has its needs every summer,

There's fencing--and brush she'll burn,

She works with the men and cooks meals

until exhausted, she'll finally home turn.


BIRTHDAY WISHES is what we shout!

For to our dear "Square Shooter"

We PRAISE YOU with never a doubt!


Pencil Drawing by Nephew Ron Ginther

Wasn't that great by my Aunt Estelle? Well, here is an added little puff of whipped cream for the tribute to Bernice by an anonymous niece, sent to Bernice and done in Calligraphy so beautifully, which Bernice framed and hung on her wall:

"Friends have a way of filling

Life with wealth surprising new;

Oh, joy, that I so poor of self

Should be so rich of You!"


Note: How true those four lines are, that we all who knew her and loved her, my Aunt Bernice Schaefer of Atascadero, California, were made rich by her! We miss her sorely here on earth, but heaven was made even richer with her arrival.--Nephew Ronald Ginther, March 2010

Tribute to Aunt Bernice by Nephew Ronald Ginther:

"Tribute to Bernice Schaefer," by Ronald Ginther, Nephew

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