Joyce Bassett's Christmas Letter, 2013

Joyce With Her Cheesecake

Joyce provides many tasty treats for the Ladies Auxiliary of the Seafarer's Center, Port of Tacoma--Ed.

Dear Friends & Family,

I have been a member of the Tcoma Seafarer's Center for a number of years now. My dear mother, Pearl Ginther, was also a member there for many, many years, it seems almost a lifetime, and because of her I am there still.

Once a month the Auxiliary ladies get together for a meeting, keeping a record of what we have accomplished, and what we need to do, to help support our seamen.

It is a ministry of reaching out to them, sharing the Gospel of Jesus, the Good News, letting them know that God loves them, and that we are here for them, praying for them.

We need to let them know that they are not forgotten. We serve these sailors that come in by ship to the Port of Tacoma. It is a global ministry through this Seafarers Center.

Every year we prepare Christmas gift boxes for our Seamen. This year a very special miracle happened to me. Those of us who would want to participate in filling boxes, they would pick as many boxes as they wanted to fill and wrap. My mother always prepared the boxes every year,and she would have them all lined up in a row in her long hallway, starting in the living room and even ending in her bedroom if necessary, and I used to watch her as she joyfully did it, and I would try to help her.

People from different churches would also donate toward these boxes, including our church Mt. View Lutheran. I had never done this before, but deep down in my heart I wanted to. The Lord kept dealing with my heart about it, and I felt drawn to it more and more.

I received a phone call from a friend telling me that they needed two more people to help with the boxes, and then I knew in my heart that this was the Lord, and I didn't hesitate to say yes. I was so thrilled, excited and happy about it,and it even left the way open for me to testify to my friend about it.

We made that connection right away, seeing God's hand in arranging me to take an active part, and she replied she knew in her heart that I was to be one of the two ladies, and agreed that this just didn't happen by chance, but that the Lord had this all in his plan.

Isn't the Lord good? He sure knows our heart. This dear friend of mine even donated what I needed, except for two items I got myself, she found she had all the other items already bought earlier this year that I needed to do these boxes! Do you see? The Lord filled them them up for me, and he also fulfilled the deep desire of my heart too. I learned there is nothing impossible with God. God brings it to pass, what is on our heart! God chose to use me! Praise His holy and blessed Name!

God bless you, Dear Ones, and may you have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In Christ's Love,

Joyce & Family

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