Knudt Stadem Line Found

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Knudt Stadem Line Found by Sylvia (from Kristine Stadem Line):

The brother to Sjur/Syvert Stadem was Knudt Stadem (or Staim, which the name he chose for himself), and he also moved to Worth County, Iowa, in the 1860s when Sjur and Oline tookt their large family and emigrated from Bergen Norway to America. We lost contact with the Knudt Stadem family descendants! Well, today is a historic day indeed when we talked to them by phone.

Sylvia Yuge (from the Kristine Stadem line, contacted the first by message and email, then by phone, and found out where they live, and then called us by telephone to give us their telephone numbers and address and their names. They are Matthew and Tina Larson and their three children and one granddaughter five months old.

We had great joy hearing that Sylvia had discovered these relatives, and she asked if we could guess where they lived. We had no idea of course Well, it is Puyallup, our hometown! The Knudt Stadem/Larsons have been living in the Puyallup area since the 1930s after moving from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We have been here since 1942, and never once guessed we passed these Stadem relatives thousands of times on the main road. All that time we thought we were alone here, without Stadem relatives in Washington. Soon we will be visiting in person, as Mom invited the Larsons to come to her home.

Genealogy is a wonderful means by which our families have come into contact after possibly over 100 years of separation. God bless this "new" line of Stadems! Please welcome them, if you read this, and let them know about yourselves too--as we are new to each other.

Sylvia Yuge is the dear cousin who has in in one year found brought two lines of "lost" Stadems to our attention at Plain View Farm.

She also found Fjelstads in Norway (she is a granddaughter of Julius Fjelstad who married Andrena Stadem Stene, the daughter of the FIRST STADEM child born to Sjur and Oline in America!), who come from Loftenes. No doubt she will gather some genealogy from them too, which we can add to the Fjelstad family line via our Stadem genealogist: Barbara Vorseth Benson.

UPDATE ABOUT THE SLEUTH WE HAVE WORKING FOR US; Sylvia Yuge is presently active digging up genealogy for the Ginther line now, right on the cusp of 2013! What is a cusp? It is the outer edge of something, as I understand it, or the beginning of something new too. I suppose it is the cousin to "the cutting edge"? Anyway, what will she discover next? Please return to find out, for we will post it soon as we receive it and recover from the surprise and delight!--Ed.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE! Cousin Sylvia has since uncovered whole families of Ginthers by the score, and printed it out, and her latest find was that the Ginther ancestors came from Hanover, Germany. More about this later, as we find time to enter it on-line. Please return for any link we will provide at that time to another page on this subject.--Ed.

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