Tributes to Lenita,

Part I

My Sister Lenita

What can I possibly say that would even come close to describing what Lenita was to me! Ever since I can remember she was my best friend. I hardly remember any conflicts between us even though we were always roommates at home, several years at Via, and a year in college. We loved singing together, having children’s Bible classes together, playing games with the family, working on crafts, reading books together, cleaning houses together in college, talking about everything from silly things, to deep spiritual conversations.

Lenita was passionate about her walk with Christ and her life was completely yielded to Him! She absolutely loved her family and was such a devoted daughter, little sis to me, and a very gentle patient encouraging big sister to her little brothers.

I praise the Lord for giving me the privilege of having such a precious sister for 18 years. I still miss her so much, but heaven is so much sweeter because she is there waiting for me!

From Celinda

From Grandma Marcie:

Dear Lenita, always the perfect little lady, and always trying to do just the right thing. It was always so sweet to see Celinda and Lenita together and encouraging each other all through the years. So united and such good friends.

I will never forget her last visit to Via. She came with her daddy and Bumpa to visit Clay and Carl. She was a student at Peniel, a college student, so "grown up" since the last time I had seen her. I remember watching her comb her beautiful hair before she went into the Sunday night meeting, I thought it was already so pretty that she did not really need to comb it.

Beth was not with them because Becky was just a month or so away from arriving. Lenita sang with her daddy that night, one of the songs that her parents always sang together. It was lovely! She sang the part so naturally. I should have cherished the moment even more but could not have imagined that Lenita would soon be taken from us.

So pure and perfect. In heaven we will understand. For now we just trust the Heavenly Father that He makes no mistakes. Marcie

From Kari Newton:

I remember Lenita's big smile and long pretty hair. We weren't together often but the times we did share, she was sweet and happy!

I know of her love for the Lord and of her good testimony. I know we sang as a big group of cousins, aunts and uncles in more than one church in Brasil on our family visits there. We counted on Celinda and Lenita to help sing out for those of us "Colombians" who didn't speak Portuguese that well.

When Kenna and I were in Bible School together, we were invited over Christmas break to the Templeton's house in Chattanooga. That year Lenita made necklaces as gifts for us girls with small beads with letters that spelled out our names. I still have mine.

The Lord saw fit to bring her to himself in His own wisdom as His purposes for her life were fulfilled.


Aunt Carleen remembers how lovely Lenita and Celinda were even after a very long trip arriving in Bogotá, Colombia with their Momie and Daddy only a month after Clay’s birth.

They were such little girls, but so quick to make up to me, their Mother’s sister. I felt so honored to be called Aunt Carleen.

At least 3 other times I was able to visit with and enjoy time with my niece, but I saw her as a young adult only once.

It was after the accident, in ICU, that put her into a coma for 9 days before the Lord took her to Himself. I was so impressed! I just did everything to get her to respond… she looked so good, so normal, just deep in sleep. Her dear Daddy and I sang and prayed unto the Lord… we read to her, talked and wept. God saw fit to take her to Himself. She belonged to Him!

To this day we hear testimony of Lenita’s heart for God and for people… how special that He loaned her to our Family for those 18 years.

Her Uncle Calvin writes:

The last time I saw Lenita she was sitting on our front porch receiving a lesson in the use of Portuguese accents. She like me had never understood the names, the functions and how to memorize the unending rules in their regard.

I was offered the job of teaching Portuguese at the MK School in Vianópolis and for the first time I was enjoying passing on the subject to a college student who was visiting her Alma Mater (The Mother of Her Soul).

What impressed me so much was that she showed total attention and tried to learn as much as she could during that short visit with her uncle, her mom’s brother. Having always spoken highly of a teachable person I right away said to myself that she was one. That was 23 years ago and as you see, it really impressed me.

In a few months she was taken from us, along with my dear daddy; two teachable people.

From Grandma Cora:

I am honored to have been her grandmother. I have a wooden hangar she made and painted so beautifully. It will hold keys or utensils and we have used it for many years. Lenita did a nice job on a cross-stitch wall hanging that I keep in my bedroom. The words on it are: “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.”

Whatever you hear about her is always a blessing. I know that she has had some precious times with her Grandpa up in Heaven.

Thanks to each one who contributed to make this a very special tribute to our lovely Lenita. Thank you Celinda for the great photos.

Aunt Carleen

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