Leroy and Elizabeth Stadem's Family Saga

Dear Family and Friends,

Christmas 2010, Sioux Falls, SD.

Some phrases from Psalm 90 seem fitting as we recall the decades of our eighty years.


The length of our days is seventy years--or eighty, if we have the strength; yet...they teach us to number our days aright...Satisfy us...with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days!"


Leroy stopped the threshing rig as he arrived at Plain View Farm--Leroy joined 7 sisters & 1 brother,and of course, Mama & Papa Stadem.

Elizabeth arrived after mother Aamoth had been shopping in Sioux City. She joins 1 bro. & 2 sisters, and of course, Mommie, Daddy Aamoth.


Leroy learned--played and was loved. This is the dirty "30s." War is coming on.


War began. Leroy: To his sister Pearl: "I was at your house Dec. 7, 1941 when FDR made the announcement of the Pearl Harbor attack." Leroy graduates from Augustana Academy, '45. Lee joined the Navy in '45, was out in '47. He saw Japan, Hong Kong, etc. In '47 Lee's brother & bro-in-law were killed in an airplane crash.


Years of schooling. Liz at Waldorf College & on to Lutheran Bible Institute. Lee finishes Augustana & on to Luther Sem. in St. Paul. Lee served his internship in Green Bay, WI and there enlisted Liz to be his wife. (The best thing I ever done) Married life began in '55 in St. Paul. After Seminary Graduation in '56, the Stadems moved & served at Platte, SD. Liz says, "Don't tell me how to raise children until you have raised 3 boys." (Bingo Peter '56) (Bingo Stephen '57) (Bingo Timothy '59)


In '61 our joy was complete, a daughter Mary was born. In '62 was a move to DeSmet, and an unexpected joy #5, Tom arrived. We were now the perfect "7". Our dear Grandpa Stadem left suddenly for his Heavenly Home. A month later my mother Mable died of leukemia. The children begin school. Our DeSmet church is struck by lightning & burns. It was beautifully rebuilt & and a new parsonage also.


[Please go to Stadems' Christmas Letter for 1979, using link at the bottom of this page--Ed.]

We sorrowfully bid DeSmet goodbye and move to Mobridge,SD on the Missouri River. Here we spent 14 good years, as Lee ministers. The children are schooled and all finish their high school years there. Liz branches out to teach piano & then to become Activity Director at the Mobridge Care Center. The children leave one by one to Augustana College. Lee and Liz are experiencing empty nest syndrome.


We say goodbye to our beloved Grandma Stadem & Grandpa Aamoth. All our kids go on to Augustana. (Mary moves on to Luther in '81) We travel to take part in their events. Then in '85 when Tom, the youngest graduates, we move to Sioux Falls where Augustana is. I asked God about that timing, but He didn't answer. Lee begins serving St. John Am. Lutheran. We learn to love Sioux Falls. The kids, all out of college now, move on--4 of them to Youth Ministry, and Tim goes to Luther Sem. They find their beloveds and we love & cherish the choices they made. We are now "12". The first grandchild arrives in '88 (Michelle Joy). She opens the door to Britta Elisabeth a few months later.


A full decade of serving in Sioux Falls kept Lee busy. Liz spent good years with the Sioux Falls School System. We lived on busy Kiwanis Ave. More grandchildren arrived (Oh Joy), David, Aanna, Joel, Daniel, Lee Even, Elizabeth, Rachel, Nathan, Jase, Sarah, Hannah, Rahila & Andrew! Liz & Lee retire & move to a Condo with no regrets. Lee continues doing Interim work & that shows no end!

2000s. The world did not come to an end (sometimes it appeared so), 3 more grandchildren arrive: Rebeka, Greta, & Philip. It is a glorious "18". College is now on the scene for the grandchildren. Michelle finished college on-line; Britta graduates from Augie in May; David is a Jr. there; Aanna is 2nd yr. at Dordt. 3 graduate from HS in May & look to college or ???. Our Kids re in the same place: Pete, raising the best turkeys; Steve is multi-tasking along with his Amway business. Because of an accident, Tim is on medical leave. Beth is working in Education; Marry keeps teaching dance and working on their house; Curt keeps the VA in order, Tom is an AIM/Minister at Tea. Lee contijues Interim Work--at Pierre,Luther Memorial. After 1 year, he may stay home. Liz flits & floats here & there where needed. Steve & Cousin Bernie have done miracles on the old farm place/Bryant. After help & encouragement from family near & far, the barn is definitely in progress.

Some Dreams

Our Vision for the next decade

1. that we will see ourselves, become Great (Great Grand Parents, that is)

2. That the Church of Jesus Christ will find greater fulfillment in the prayer of Jesus ("...that we all may be one..."

3. that we will be able to compete in the next several National Sr. Games: June 16-30, Houston, TX; 2013--Cleveland; 2015--Mineapolis and then in 2017, and 2019 ???? Wow

4 that the "Barn Again Project" will be completed and in use.


Added note by Leroy in writing: Liz is with me at Pierre this Christmas week. I like it! I'm thru here Jan 9. Asked to help out at our congregation in Sioux Falls. "No winter driving in all kinds of weather," Liz said, and they agreed.

Blessings! Liz & Lee (Leroy), Bro & Uncle. P.S. Are you OK now Pearl? Jerry gave us an update--hope you're better!

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