List of Children's Books for the Heritage Archives Center

1. Kids Garden, Avery Hart & Paul Mantell Williamson Publishing Co., Charlotte, Vermont

2. Art & Craft of Woodcarving, Anthony Denning, Running Press, Philadelphia, PA

3. Candles, Sunset Books, Pamela Westland

4. Wash Day, Barbara H. Cole, Star Bright Books (city?)

5. Five Little Chicks, Nancy Tafuri, Simon & Schuster, NY, NY

6. Two Sticks and a String, Kerry Ferguson, Martingale & Company, Bothell, WA

7. This is the Farmer, Nancy Tafuri, Greenwillow Books, William & Morrow & Co., NY, NY

8. Hilda Hen's Scary Night, Mary Wormell, Harcourt Brace & Co., San Diego, CA

9. The Spotty Pig, Mary Wormell, Imago Publishing, Hong Kong

10. Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy, Jim Aylesworth, Scholastic Press, NY, NY

11.In 1776, Jean Marzollo, Scholastic, Inc., NY, NY

12. Thirsty Thursday, Phyllis Root, Candlewick Press, Somerville, Mass.

13. Birds, Simon & Schuster, NY, NY

14. Violet Goes to the Country [Violet, the cat], Melanie Cecka, Viking/Penguin, NY, NY

15. Prairie Dog Pioneers, Jo & Josephine Harper, Turtle Books, NY, NY

16. Family Memories (tells how to make scrapbooks tailored to the person you do them on), Carolyn Schulz & Debbie Vertress, Butler & Tanner for David & Charles Publishing, Brunel House,UK

17. Meet Our Flag Old Glory, April Jones Prince, Little, Brown & Co., NY, NY

18. Hansel & Gretel, a Pop-UP Book [gorgeous!], Illust. by John Patience, Creative Child Press, Playmore & Waldman Publishing, NY, NY

19. The Little Dog Laughed, E.P. Dutton, NY, NY 20. Wake Up, Farm!, Alvin Tresselt, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, NY, NY

21. You're a Grand Old Flag, Norman Rockwell, Athenaeum Books, NY, NY

22. Rascal [story of a boy and his raccoon in WWI era], Sterling North , Scholastic, INc., NY, NY

23. Abe Lincoln Loved Animals [this is factual, not fiction], Ellen Jackson, Albert Whitman & Co, Morton Grove, IL.

24. Piggy & Dad Go Fishing, David Martin, Candlewick Press, Cambridge, Mass.

25. Sunflower, Miela Food & Sally Nolls, Greenwillow Books, NY, NY

26. Christmas in Norway, Astrid Karlsen Scott, Nordic Adventures, Olympia, WA

27. Beads [the art of stringing], Genie Ragan, Gem Guides Book, Baldwin Park, CA

28. A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Great Hymns of the Church, City on a Hill, Questar DVD, Chicago, IL.

29. Oliver Twist, Roman Polanski Film and DVD, Culver City, CA

30. Old McDonalds Farm (& All About Horses), Good Times Entertainment, The Ambler Co, NY, NY, DVD 31. Vikings! by Magnus Magnusson, Elsevier-Dutton Publishing Co., NY, NY

32. Silent Patriot, by Astrid Karlsen Scott, Nordic Adventures, Olympia, WA


33. "THE OLD WEST, The Trailblazers," 1973, Time/Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia

34. "Good Old Days on theFarm," Publisher, House of White Birches, 1996, Berne, Indiana

35. "Christianity - The Illustrated History," LIFE Books, 2014, NY, NY

36. Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People, by Hrry T. Peters, 1942, Garden City, NY

37. "The Birth of Jesus Christ," NEWSWEEK, 2014, NY, NY

38. "Visiting Our Past, America's Historylands," NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, Washington, D.C. (missing year to enter here)

This bibliographical page for the PVF Heritage Center Archives is in progress. We wish to have the covers of the books shown here too, so you get a good idea what each book looks like. That will probably inspire you to go find your family a copy of books you know will be good to teach your own children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren, if you should be blessed to be around that long!). Or you will go exploring books sales at libraries, and also book racks at the thrift stores, another excellent source. The books are out there--you needn't pay top retail prices, and can get expensive books for very little money. That way you can afford to buy a lot more, and you'll have a much greater variety too.--Editor

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