"Emails Concerning Pearl Stadem Ginther's

Heavenly Homegoing, April 30, 2011"

First, Part I, the Ginther Family Email sent to Mim:

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Subject: Mother is in Glory with Jesus

Our precious Mother left us at a little after 2 a.m. from her own bed in her own home (was sent back home, from the hospital, an answer to much prayer!).

God bless you. Thank you for all your prayers for her and us. We still need prayers to make the changes now that are needed. Cheers and love, Ron and Roberta at Mom's house

Part II,

On Tue, 5/10/11, mim RINDERKNECHT wrote in response:

From: To:; Subject: FW: Pearl's in Heaven.....RE: Mother is in Glory with Jesus Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 11:18:42 -0600


Dearest dearest Ronnie and dearest dearest Roberta and all the Ginther kids..... just got your note.....that Pearl went to be with Jesus.......

I love Pearl.....I just love her.....what a vacant part in my chest..... our hearts feel heavy....and we get to feel sad if we want....cuz Pearl was so special....she was the top!! She was the best!

What a beautiful life with a beautiful spirit to match...I love her so much and am so grateful to have known a real lady like that .....who did what she did...and to 101 and a half.....always giving....always open to hear others speak...always ready to encourage...always ready to help them find some food for their tummies...always admirable in the way she handled life's crisis...always loving her kids...even if they were't perfect....(who is????)

...she loved em all...and hugged em alll...always....She could have been so bitter....losing her handsome husband in an airplane crash, and left to raise 7 kids by herself.....She could have been bitter...when she got totally hoodwinked by someone choosing to make bad choices...and she forgave and got on with her life....with JOY...".always seeing joy in her" will be in my mind forever....I will continue to tell her story to thousands..her story of life's devastating misfortunes...and then to ..forgiveness...and towards a wonderful family ..enjoyed til 101!!

Who could ask for better??? Aunty Pearl did it right....she chose the road less traveled and God honors her today by meeting her, personally, at the Pearly Gates...and welcoming her with a wonderful thankyou hug....thank you for being a faithful servant, well done....enter into the gates...

and sure enuf...there's Myrtle meetin her too..pullin her in for coffee and Ruthie and Alida and Estelle and Be come around the corner...and all the girls are havin coffee together and being with Jesus right now..and sure enough....there's Bill and Joe....along with Russ and Hans and Tom...and here comes Art and Bob!!!!

....and GRANDPA!!! AND GRANDMA!!!! and in your heart, you know all the others ...joining this....."Stadem Reunion in The Northeast Corner Of Heaven Today!!!!!!"

......I love it...thank you God for all your haven't broken one yet....thank you God for healing Pearl to perfection.....she was tired I bet....she wanted to go be with Jesus I bet....My mom thing we learned thru my mom's death was (mom taught us...)..."when the Lord calls's wonderful..... "

I love you guys...I'm thinkin of you and prayin for you every minute.....That the Holy Spirit will be in charge (that's what my mom prayed...and He was...and it was wonderful..) guys are wonderful...I'm thinking of every one of you and praying strength and courage in you the energy to get thru it...the wisdom to take care of your body..and the feel of our love and hugs around you every minute......(call me if I can help in ANY way.... 435 649 6526.....)

Love, Mimsie and the whole Park City Family

(..I'm sending the last box I had ready to go to Pearl....You guys can laugh and enjoy the memories and then give the rest away....) I'm going to put in there my best collections from positive thoughts files on "death"....keep the scrapbook in your bathroom and when you need a lift..just .read one of em..(a friend did this for me once....) ..altogether they give you such an understanding and then you get the peace....that passes all's getting into the thankfulness makes the pain and loss easier to bear....because of your works!) I'm so thankful for Pearl!!!!!!! What a wonderful life!!!!!!!!

If I can help...wanna make sure you can reach me....

Mim Rinderknecht

Part III: Naomi Svanoe Iserman's Email:


Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 06:11:45 -0700


Subject: Fw: Mother is in Glory with Jesus


Dear ones, this is a letter from Ronnie Ginther I recieved this morning. God be with them. 253-841-1729 is the number i have for pearl. You will probably get Ronnie there. My heart goes out to them because they have lived their lives totally without a daddy. Its been quite an uphill climb and now without their stoic mother they will really have to take the "bull by the horn" sorry for the unintended references to our families farmiliar phrases but isnt that where we all got that from? Nomi

Part IV: The Tacoma Seafarers Center Published This About Pearl Ginther in their Newsletter, MOORING LINES, 2007:

Note: The following information is about our mother's lifetime support of the Tacoma Seafarer's Center in the Port of Tacoma, and also her eldest son Darrell's support of the same Gospel-sharing ministry to seamen. You may find it interesting.--Ed.

A strenuous supporter of the Tacoma Seafarers Center for many, many years, is Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther, who has been active there since 1973, though years before that she had contacts with the original Seamen's Mission before the present facility was built.

She is still going strong in 2007 at the age of 98! She has presided over the Seafarers Center Ladies Auxiliary in years past, and attends every meeting during the year, but every year she also prepares as many as 37 Christmas boxes to be given out to seamen along with the ones provided by churches.

She collects the donated items for the boxes from her church's members who wish to bless the seamen. Her eldest son is Darrell Ginther. Darrell Ginther, evangelist in many street corner preachings and singing of Gospel hymns to the passers-by of countless cities and towns, in the U.S. and Canada and also Europe, had a father he lost when he was only 12 years old, a most godly man, Robert Ginther, who was a carpenter in the Tacoma shipyards until shortly before his death,

but loved the word of God, studied it whenever he had a spare moment, and even preached at a Gospel mission in downtown Sioux Falls.

Following his dad's example, Darrell continued all his life to hold up the Good News of Jesus in word and song to the lost of this world searching for a meaning for their lives. The following is the account of Darrell's father's journey, spiritual and physical, in life before his young life was taken in a tragic accident at the age of 42 along with Darrell's young uncle (in his twenties).

The plane crash was not the end of them--however, for their testimonies and their lives still shine, these many years since their graduation to heaven!

"The Trumpet Call," the Homegoing Service Messages for Robert Ginther, Father to Darrell Ginther, and Darrell's Uncle, Arthur Stadem


Along with the chaplains and pastors, volunteers are vital at the Center--this is a service, a non-profit ministry, which depends on them! Darrell R. Ginther, Pearl A. Ginther's eldest son, is one of the regular volunteers serving the seamen at the Center, and for over twenty years he has ministered there, and continues to this day in October 2007 to be of help any way he can. This testimony of his is worth your checking out! It tells, in his old words and others', of his deliverance by the hand of the Lord from Satan's kingdom, and the marvelous freedom and light that came through Jesus Christ.


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