The Gospel Sign Ministry was continued on into the 1980s, by Ruth and Tom Harrington, who erected signs in North Dakota their home territory, and a memorial gospel sign was erected to Tom's memory by the U.S. Customs at Sherwood, ND, where he was the chief officer for many years. Since then, money was been donated by the Ginther family several years ago toward a new gospel sign to replace those that are gone, but so far nothing has come of it. We hope this tradition in the Stadem Family will be revived soon, for the sake of souls who can be saved through this ministry, by virtue of just travelling the public roads and reading the message on the sign!

Since we do not want to see this grand tradition of Stadem gospel signage lapse indefinitely, a 16-foot tall all wood "Gospel Cross" has recently been completed by the Ginthers in memory of Jerry L. Ginther, handcrafted by a professional carpenter in Watertown, SD.

This beautiful, meaningful gospel sign now awaits a site that will be by a public road somewhere in the Watertown and Bryant areas, perhaps by the road leading from Estelline off I-29 that connects with Bryant. If you wish to contribute to this project, for the moving costs from Watertown to the site, and the installation in a concrete base that will safeguard it for many years, please notify PVF Secretary, Eloise Hefty, or us at our email address given below. Just lifting this cross requires great strength, as you see in the picture with carpenter Brian Kjetland of Watertown hoisting it for the picture taking!


Gene Iserman, in his early twenties, completed an epic trip by kayak from the very start of the Mississippi River in a Minnesota lake to the end of the great river about 70 miles or so from the Gulf of Mexico. Just to do it, he then paddle to the Gulf of Mexico and was taken back to New Orleans by boat!

Why did he do this? Adventurous spirit, for the fun of it, because he had nothing better to do with his time and energy and little red kayak?

Gene Iserman, as he tells you himself with pictures on his blog did it for the sake of saving children's lives. Children by the millions lack clean water to drink, and are poisoned, infested with parasites and killing diseases. Millions sicken and die, simply because there is no clean, safe water to drink in their villages, communities and homes. This is the case over most of Africa, and most of Asia too, not to mention much of South America!

To raise money for wells to be dug to bring clean, safe drinking water to these poor, vulnerable children in Africa and Asia, Gene Iserman endured weeks of arduous, hot and steamy, and quite risky travel on the Big Old Muddy, and needed every prayer that was prayed for his safety by his parents, friends, and acquaintances, as he kayacked 900 miles of the way alone, without a companion. He did have one companion all the way though, Jesus, whom he knows personally and for whom he lives to honor.

You can see yourself in his journal what this voyage was like, incident by incident. It is far better, far more exciting, going to his website than my telling about it.

"Faith in Action" Ministry, with Gene Iserman

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Following the footsteps of their trail-blazing Grandparents, Alfred and Bergit Stadem, who dearly loved the Mexican people and tried all they could to help them spiritually and materially, Grace and Rennard Svanoe founded a program in Mexico to help and nurture young people in education, called the Canyon Scholars program, which enables Indian young people from Mexico's Copper Canyon Indian communities to attend school without having to drop out to work for their families and thus lose their chance to better their lives.

Contact them and see if you can be of support in any way!

Grace Svanoe has passed away, but her work continues, as Rennard, with his new bride Petra, continues this work on behalf of the youth of Mexico's poor moutain/canyon villages.

Rennard and Petra's House of Hospitality, Anahuac, Mexico

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Ministry of Tacoma Seafarers Center, Port of Tacoma, Washington

Latin American Mission Work by Alfred and Bergit Stadem

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Columbines, Forget-me-nots, Daphne Rhododendron, and Bearded Iris shown here contributed by Pearl A. Ginther from her garden, 2006. God bless you richly, all who follow her example, for your faithful support of missions and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, past, present, and future!

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