"Two Miracles of God for Pearl,"

by Son Ronald Ginther

Two Miracles, Told by Pearl Ginther:


"Ronald--A Miracle"

As I went to show Barb the cross you gave me for Mother's Day the stone was missing. I said, "Lord let it be a miracle, that the stone can be found." I swept the floor, ran my hand over the rugs in my bedroom too. Then this morning [the next day] the first thing I did, was quickened to lift up the rug in front of the sink and shake it lightly, and I ran my fingers along the floor under the sink. Sure enough I felt a small stone. I praised the Lord, this must be it, altho it was too small and too light a color. But now I put it on the cross and its IT. Praise the Lord. Now it takes you to glue it on for me. Hallelujah.--Pearl Ginther

Note: the tiny pale brown or tan stone on the cross was from Israel, which made it a special cross for Mother. I wasn't very impressed at the time, but as I have reread her account, I see how impossible it was that she would have found it, since the stone was far too small to be seen on that old, bumpy and textured wood-grain patterned kitchen linoleum. And as for feeling it, she had to feel in the exact right spot, or she would have missed it, so there you have it: probability runs completely opposite to her finding it. And, furthermore, if she had shaken the rug a little more or too much, the stone would have rolled away out of reach and further out of sight.--Ed.


Pearl's Written Notice About Potluck Seniors' Gathering at Church, Evidently to be Put in her Church Paper:

"Senior Potluck, Thurs. April 22 at 12 Noon, for a potluck gathering.

Following lunch, Wayne Ginther will be speaking on "Glider Piloting." If you are a Senior and haven't yet joined the group, Please come! You're always welcome. Bring food for the potluck to Art and Larraine.

Wayne my son took me up in a glider when I was 90. Now at age 100 plus 7 months I asked the Lord to give us a sunshiney day, no wind, and a safe trip up and back.

[The miracle Mother received in answer to her prayer is this: I do easily recall that glorious day well, and Mom's praying for the right weather for the gliding trip. The weather was rainy and windy right up to the day. It did not look possible and the gliding would have to be called off. I was very concerned for Mother by this time, hoping it would be called off, since the weather continued poor. I was understandably concerned for Mother's safety, and Wayne's too of course. We already had had one fatal plane crash in the family, and that was more than enough for one lifetime! Then the scheduled day dawned, and there was sunshine, and no wind. It was just right. They took the glider trip. It went perfectly! Was this a coincidence or God-incidence? Well, the day after they went up, the weather reverted to what it was the day before and the weeks before: not good! Not good for gliders at all! So Mom got her miracle, clearly. What a relief that was for me! It couldn't have been more obvious to all of us witnessing this happy event.--Ed.]

We even saw airplanes flying below us. People look like black specks on the airport where we glided in and everybody taking pictures of us. What an enjoyable ride.

We were 3,600 ft. above ground, and 4,100.

We were 25 minutes in air.

The name of the airport is Norsk, called Bergseth. It was for private planes.--Pearl Ginther

In her personal notes for an April 27 program she was to give to the Auxiliary of the Seamen's Center in the Port of Tacoma:

"Gospel Tracts, to be given to the other Seamen's Center"

Joyce and Pearl, Devotions

Glider Experience and Pictures [share with the ladies],

Bergseth Glider Airfield, 2 1/2 miles NE ofCity of Enumclaw, operates Mar-Oct.

Darrell's devotions and tracts (Darrell Received)"

Doesn't this show Pearl's total involvement with society in the most positive way and her Christian desire to share the Gospel?

On the same paper she has written down some jokes, which show her desire to keep mentally balanced and not too serious all the time. She may well have shared these jokes with the ladies at the Seamen's Center Auxiliary:

1. Why can't you send a telegram to Washington?

Because he's dead.

2. Do they have a 4th of July in England?

Yes, they also have a 3rd of July, a second of July, etc.--Ed.

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