"To a Mother,"

Tribute to Mothers,

May 12, 2013,

by Ron Ginther


"Mothers make the world go round"--

a simple truth, but, oh! Profound!

They birth the children

and raise them too.

You cannot say:

"Same as animals do."


Ostriches forsake their eggs unhatched.

Such senseless mothers cannot be matched!

It make one wonder how can they survive?

It must be God who keeps their young alive.

Human infants need love, or they die.

Care alone does not get them by.


Orphan babies used to drop like flies,

until state nurseries finally got wise.

Nurses were told, "You must fondle them!

Care without mothering kills her or him."


In our Father above

burns a Mother-like love.

Young or old, we're His dear children.

To reveal His love, He sent Jesus

His only Son.


Now to walk with Jesus

is to know our Father too--

AND the Holy Spirit--All of God,

if we only knew.


Never alone! Never "cared for"

but that's all;

for His love in Jesus--it's FOREVER,

as wrote Apostle Paul.


So for times you feel

unloved and unthanked,

know as a Mother there's no role

God holds higher ranked.


When there's no card

or even a call,

don't think it's unnoticed

by God at all.

His heart bleeds too

in the lonely hour,

waiting for a wayward son

or daughter.


Someday we'll see

how much God loves each of us,

and how much He rejoices

when we cast pride down and

our sin confess.


God can make us right and holy

and pure--

He's the Crystal River

washing our souls bright and clear!


Someday soon, Loved Ones,

we'll all stand together

on Heaven's joyous, shining shore.

All sorrow, sin, and unhappiness? Gone!

But come back later to plague us? Nevermore!



2013, Butterfly Productions, All Rights Reserved