Myrtle Svanoe's Letter to Svanoe Reunion,


On Luther's Joyful Homegoing

What's in a name?

"Lute" is the loving nickname Aunt Myrtle called her son Luther. I will use that too, as I always did, perhaps because the "k" was not as natural to my tongue as the "t". So you get these two nicknames in use by his family and friends: "Lute" and "Luke." His name was used as well.

Each nickname has its powerful associations, the first to Martin Luther who was Luther's namesake, and "Luke" for the physician and great Gospel Writer. Not bad associations for choosing your life models! But Lute, I must admit, followed Luke the Gospel Writer and Physician more than Martin Luther the great Reformation leader and churchman, writer, composer, man of God, preacher, etc. The gentle, unassuming physician of the Bible, who was a care-giver, was something Lute or Luke could aspire to following much more than a great Reformer of the Church and Preacher and all that Martin Luther was.

Yet Luther my cousin was humble, he wasn't aspiring to be up there with anyone great. He just needed to find a role in life that was life-nurturing and positive and had nothing to do with taking life and everything to do with preserving and strengthening (even healing) human beings.

He might have sought that role after his war experience ended to silence the haunting demons of Viet Nam and find rest for his tormented soul. But we know from this letter he did find rest, whether or not his care-giving after the Viet Nam war succeeded or not. He found Christ as Savior and Lord. It took his entire life, but he found Christ, who had never lost Luther at any time, wherever Luther wandered or decided to go.

When you do find finally, truly Christ, you find REST, eternal REST, blessed REST.

So, whatever you choose and feel comfortable to call this hard to classify but generally unassuming, cheerful, honest-as-the-day-is-long cousin, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend: know Luther Svanoe found SALVATION (Through Grace not his Works, Ephesians 2:8: "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.") and REST forever in Jesus.

Belatedly? Perhaps. But Luther found Christ and Rest, and the saying is absolutely true: "It is better late than never."

Do you think Lute isn't happy now? He's in heaven! Think of it--heaven! He is having the greatest time you could ever imagine!

And now you get to read his mother's letter to the Svanoes at the Svanoe Family Reunion of 1994 in Decorah, Iowa; it begins with the special prophecy given her by some godly man or woman, and we can all see now it was fulfilled, largely, if not wholly, by 1994. The years until her own Homegoing showed even greater fulfilment (as her sons and daughters can testify). We have yet to see all the fulfilment, however, of it--that the Lord promised her, but surely we shall see it someday, as the Lord's promise may tarry in fulfilment, but He is always right on time.--Ed.

Dear Ones at the Svanoe Reunion

(To be read by Son, Rennard Svanoe at the appropriate time...thanks)

The Lord gave me this word before I came here. He says, "I have blessed thee out of the bounties of heaven and have not withheld from you what your heart has desired. Yes and I would yet do more, for have I not promised that you should be saved and your household, and was not the blood applied to the lintel and the doorpost, to the salvation of the entire family?!!! (Exodus 12: 22-23) So My daughter, renew thine energies and know that I am working with thee, for surely a light shall shine out of the darkness, and the faith that thou hast exercised through the years shall be rewarded a hundred fold, so thy faith shall be turned to sight, for thou shalt see with thine eyes, and hear with thine ears and rejoice in thine heart over that thing which shalt come to pass."

Dear Ones,

I wanted to share with you at this Svanoe Reunion, that I DID see with my eyes and heard with my ears and rejoiced in my heart when I asked Luther, "have you received Jesus into your heart?" He said, "yes"...I asked "when...?"...He said, "day before yesterday." His friend John came in while we were quoting John 3:16, word by word to the end!! Lute appreciated all the letters and cards and love you all sent..Thank you all so very much!

the Lord is so good. We are taking one hour at a time.

Lovingly, Myrtle

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