Myrtle Svanoe's Letter to Sister Bernice Schaefer,

March 18, 1979, and March 23, 1979

My Dear Sis Be:

That's as far as I got with your letter on 3/18/70 [just date and "My Dear Sis Be:"--Ed.]. I've thought of you all month and prayed for a chance to sit down and write. Do you ever get that busy? No one would undestand how Bill and I have spent this winter, it's been "something else."

Thanks for your letters and news from time to time. Leroy and Mama answered my letter as of yesterday and we are all looking forward to Memorial week for "week of reunion."

Hope others of the family can ALL come! (except the Taylors of course).

Right now we are in a build up of multitudenous transitions!! We had a fire in our shop where we have all our Landscape equipment, fert. and seed, etc. (most equipment was saved by pulling out in time) but right now even though we have a man dickering to buy it, we have no idea how it will all work out.

It's a mighty good thing we can pray and trust and praise the Lord that He knows exactly how to culminate everything!

We are of course expecting by faith to be free to come the Memorial weekend,last of may, trimming trees and bushes, tearing down fences (as Leroy puts it) and what ever that means! He must have "plans" for us to follow. He said you were coming! Right?!

As you've read, Minn. has had 65 2/10 inches of snow besides the 3 to 4 inches we are having today--you should see it coming down. Windy too.

Vic and Deb have joined our shoveling crews and two other men and dad on the jeeps to plow driveways! And me? Well, most of the time I've worked at the Health House to get it on its feet [Mim's health food store in downtown Mpls?--Ed.], but helping out when Mim flies [Mim was an airline stewardess too, as well as sold Shakelee and went to speak at different Shaklee distributor and products conferences--Ed.], witnessing and enlightening people on better health, so it's been rewarding.

God said as clearly as you could say it to me, "My daughter, give yourself wholeheartedly to this work, and if anyone closes the door I will close it."

Thats all I needed to satisfy myself that even though I've never worked away from home for 42 years of married life--yet God expected me to obey! As you well know we've been too busy to even get a Christmas letter out this year--I guess God knows His business better than we do.

Right now I've got to get ready for work. I'll try to find a few minutes to finish it [this letter] at H.H. Although since Mar. 18 I've hauled this card with me every day.


Bill is in good perfect health as hard as he works at 77 years [she corrected this to "67 years I'm sure."]. Vic has been such a blessing to us. After a long day he washes dishes and tidy's kitchen. He has done this since he came at Christmastime. Every day without fail, can you imagine. Deb is happy too but I get her busy on housework cleaning, cooking, baking, washing clothes, etc. She also works at Sims Security. Hope she'll come with us the last of May [to the reunion at Plain View Farm]. She could cook!

Guess Mama is doing pretty well although I can tell by her writing she forgets more how to spell. Also forgot Bill's name, etc. But hope she can be on farm in a trailer during that hustle and bustle. We're bringing sleeping bags and air mattresses. We will also pray to get ahold of a house trailer or something.

Must close.

For your Birthday Blessing, read Eph. 3:17-19, o.k.?

Yes, Jesus is so wonderful. He is so good, isn't He? Billa nd I had such a good hr. again this morning, reading, praying and praising!--Myrt

Love from Bill too

[Notes written on sides of the letter:] "Hi to that beautiful guy you live with! Hi, Russ! Hi to Del Von & fam. too.

Lady next door was killed in a car crash the other day, left a husband & five kids. She was saved, and now he has received Christ, praise God. We were moved to witness to him."

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