Myrtle Svanoe's Birthday Letter

to Pearl Ginther

Sept. 1982

My Dear Sister Pearl,

Just thinking about the sunshine,

you've brought to so many lives,

the laughter, esp. when we sisters have been together,

Yes & the joy you bring...

hoping your birthday will be as bright

and wonderful as you make life for others,

and will be making for our dear Mama

as you sing & pray & chat

together for those 2 weeks, praise God!

Love...and a beautiful birthday

(belated of course)

Sincerely and Lovingly,

Bro Bill & Sis Myrt.


[Typed Letter]

Pearl, I'm sorry you weren't home Sun. night so I could have wished you a Happy Birthday, but it was fun to talk to Darrell and Roberta. I guess you could say Roberta is my girl too because I came way out there when she was born [1947]. Right? God gave me such a compassion for you at that time [Bob Ginther died Jan. 1947], reminding me that you would really miss Bob and that I should go and try to fill the "gap" just a little bit. It was quite an experience for me!

I have learned to know Darrell and Ron the best of course. They are two precious guys! We had one of the best visits with Darrell this time. Also it was good that he didn't have so much luggage. He was relieved about this himself.

We encouraged D. to get a job--just anything! It would make him feel still better about himself. Tell D. to write to his old aunty when he lands something! Naomi just got a good steady job in a Photo Developing shop and she is a lot more satisfied with herself than doing hit-and-miss jobs. She had a good job in a Health Store for quite a while but I guess she did too much witnessing, (ha) and they wanted her to do pressure-selling. Tell Ron he should plan to come to the Aca. Reunion next summer and it might be I can come too and take him back to Mpls for a visit. We missed him last time.

It was fun to hear of the good time you gave Calvin and fam, while they visited you. We had a good time too. In closing let me say Pearl that Mama is drawn so close to her Lord when she sings those hymns from her Norwegian hymn book. She drinks in every message and it builds such faith in her. I'm praying the day will still come when I can care for her a few days, but as flexible as i was the Lord seemed to close the door this time. [Bergit Stadem passed to glory 1983].

Good we all prayed as Be, Leroy, Est. and you reminded us to do. We will pray that your needs will be met, both at your end and the trip.

Leroy says "Mama could help on expensis..." Bu keep us posted if there are further needs. "God shall provide ALL your need according to His RICHES in Christ Jesus"

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