"My Vision of Plain View Farm"

I'd rather see the grassy Plain

than pride of man raised up again.

I'd rather see charred bits, a palace burned,

than forsake the Pilgrim Road our generation's spurned.

I'd rather see wild animals take back PVF's land,

then see there what carnal mind calls grand.

I'd rather see our shameful, diseased souls exposed,

than sophisticated shams, artfully posed.

I'd rather see men, women, even children broken and pleading,

"Forgive me, my God! Cleanse me! Make me Yours alone! You're all I'm needing!"

I'd rather see Grandma and Grandpa, even my Mother, look sadly at us and walk away,

than do the things on PVF that show and prove

we're still under the World's sway.

Oh! I'd rather see only what Christ wants there--

anything less, or anything more, I don't understand how we dare!

"God is with us," we like to say, and have no holy fear;

yet God's Word says He is a consuming fire when He draws near!

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