Note on Jerry Ginther's Giving,

by Ron Ginther, 2020


These donations of Jerry Ginther in 2010 were tithes, I believe, of his minimum wage income as a wheelchair attendant at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Blessed be Jerry's memory among us for his truly sacrificial giving to our heritage preservation efforts on Plain View Farm! Also, Jerry gave in honor of those who were not even supportive, and in fact were outright discouraging and dismissive, regarding his expensive and laborious but very creative efforts on the Plain View Farm websites, asking that their names not be mentioned in its connection.

And Bob Ginther (his mother's husband who died in 1947, 6 years before Jerry was born in later an annulled union with Jerry's father and he could well have resented him, since his own biological father abandoned him, yet Jerry chose to honor a truly godly man's life and legacy in the Ginther family.

Strangely enough, Jerry's rather stunning sacrifice of himself and outpouring of his limited resources did not provoke any effect that was discernable before his sudden death in 2011, nor did his loving, forgiving largeness of heart toward others bring a change in any of them while he lived that impacted either the websites or Plain View Farm's objectives which he cared so much about.

Yet God's Eternal Word promises that a life's seed, when sown, will not be sown in vain but will produce much fruit, and it is also written, that the death of God's saints is precious and beautiful in his eyes. Though this writer could be "ranting", I do testify these things anyway, as this is exactly where the spiritual and moral rubber, so to speak, hits the road of reality.

For what we give into or choose to dismiss or ignore or neglect says a lot about the giver as well as the non-giver (yet probably a taker despite no contribution). When you do what is right by God and man, that does not mean people will like you more for doing it, no, you will probably be rewarded, as Jerry was so often, with both criticism, rejection, condescension and indifference.

In recalling Jesus and his disciples at the Temple treasury watching the giving of gifts by the people, we can use the perspective that Jesus sought to teach his erring disciples who were so impressed by a rich man's large gifts of money.

No, Jesus corrected them, rather be impressed by the widow who gave two mites, because it was all her living, whereas the rich man gave out of his abundance, and hardly noticed any effect on his bank balance. So then, why are we so impressed when a millionaire gives $500 or even $50,000 to charity?

We Stadem descendants have done this, but this is not going to impress the Lord, if the Bible account be true, which it certainly is. In the future let us impressed when a widow or a poor relation gives from her social security check of amounts of hundreds of dollars and even total amounts exceeding several thousands over a short period of time. I happen to know of one such widow personally, she blessed me by being my longsuffering and loving mother, so this teaching of Jesus about the rich man and the poor widow at the Treasury of the Temple holds a special significance to me.


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