"Grandma's Old Wooden Mixing Bowl,"

from Grandson Lorin Ginther's Rambling Down Memory Lane,

composed by Ron Ginther



Time has a way of taking a grim toll,

for whatever happened to Grandma's wooden mixing bowl?

Fairly flat, maybe two feet across,

crusty from countless mixings,

in it dough was kneaded, raised, into oven pans given a toss.


Bread dough raised best atop her wood-burning stove,

a flour sack towel covering it,

and powerful yeast in a dab from the last batch

gave sleepy Sig the philosophic fly only an hour or so to muse and sit.


Any loaves they had yet to finish,

needed eating or turned crumbly, moldy, and a bit stale,

but oh, their hearty nutrition made the family

exceptionally fit and hale!


Young grandsons Lorin & Darrell

left back on the Farm while Liz and Leroy tied the

marital knot with a twirl,

found they could survive solely on such bread--

truly the staff of life God ordained, 'twas said.

How humble, how unsightly, but faithfully the old crusty bowl had produced!

But now bread's store-bought and baked in stainless steel,

with preservatives lab chemists in booties with bottle chip specs have introduced.


But wait a minute, we know Grandma

lived to a ripe ninety-eight!

So just maybe it had something to do

with the bread she made

that everyone on the Farm daily and thankfully ate?


Now, folks, please, please for your precious Health's sake,

bring back Grandma's old wooden mixing bowl!

Smart Norskies need not race nose to tail like squirrels inside a 21st century treadmill,

so stainless steel, msg, Canola oil, formaldehyde, etc., forsake!


Flee all those hi-tech additives that make so many ill,

why, just look at the crowds of people always popping a med pill!

Throw your shopping gears in reverse, turn and head for a much better Old Deal,

and give your body a break by slowing down Time's rubber-burning wheel.


*Note from Lorin: "Each baking consisted of one or two sheets of bread buns folded over and round and eaten as fresh as possible and gone within a day or so of baking as everyone's favorite. THE THOUGHT OF THEM FILLS MY MOUTH WITH TASTE ESPECIALLY WITH THE HOME-CHURNED BUTTER AND MAYBE EVEN A LITTLE JAM ON RARE OCCASIONS WHEN AVAILABLE. I think that bowl is floating around out there as someone's cherished possession and it will turn up when people realize it's cherished by many."

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